where can i buy a starfin

im in new york, none of the local shops carry them. im looking for an online retailer in the states so shipping will be cheaper. im poor!

thanks for the info in advance,



I often see them on Ebay. I saw a few just last week, so they might still be there.

Solosurfer also posts them on Ebay.

BTW, I bought one from Solosurfer and love it. I’ve used it on 7’ & 8’ eggs as well as my 7’4" Becker speedshape and it works GREAT. It’s the ONLY fin I’ll use on the Becker now. The hydrofoil action really lightens up the tail and makes it feel like you’re riding a board a foot shorter. Very Cool Indeed!

you can get them from cheyne also.


They do work great, I just made an elliptical lazor zap “thing”, soooo fun!

im so excited to order one.

will it be good on my 6’3 cork?

how long is it. the websites dont mention it, and the only mention i have found is “one size only”


I tried to get one through the web-site. I’ve sent 2 e-mails over 6 months ago and haven’t got a reply yet.

I’ve spoken to some-one who was lucky enough to get a reply, and it took about 6 months to get the fin, then it was the wrong colour!! I’d go the other option - I’m hoping to get my grubby hands on the starfin one day, got a nice 8’ single fin waiting for it, but apart from Cheyne, I don’t think there are any other suppliers in Oz.

They are called "The Winged Keel " here …

…the guy at the shop down the road has a couple …

they’re $60aus each . ( I wish I’d bought a handful a few years ago , when they were $29.95aus each ?! )

mine is 8" deep , 5" base …blue , if colour is an issue ?

I use it on my 7’ single fin , and my 5’11 fish .

I want to use it on my 5’7 " ‘stubbie’ , one day …


here’s my winged keel , in an old beat-up “Morning Star” I had once [ a $5 rubbish dump special]

Hey Chipfish

Do you have that shops e-mail addy?

I’d be interested to see if he’d sell me one and ship across to the East Coast.

pm coming your way, “bunyip” …

It’s the guy’s PRIVATE email …I’m not sure he would want it made public…]

Bunyip , where are you situated in Oz , by the way ? …I think these are still made / distributed in Byron Bay ?? …

I mentioned another option for you in the message …

cheers !


Hey Ben

I’m on the Central Coast

Got your pm - liked the second option…

check with solo he’s in florida so shipping’s cheaper.

I can get you one here from the northshore or sell you mine but shipping expensive from Hawaii.

Check with solo I bought a couple McCoy gulls from him on ebay and he’s very cool and quick…

Also very true and close to Cheyne’s and McCoy’s genius in this highly misunderstood design.

I’ve got to take it all back, got an e-mail from Cheyne this morning.

$AU45 including P&P.

‘Chipfish’ - got a pm from your second option, nice bloke but a no-go.

I’ll go with Cheyne, cos it should work out a fair bit cheaper than getting the fin shipped from WA. Thanks for the info tho’ …

stoked you heard from Cheyne mate . [And got a reasonable price too. ]

I hope he posts here again soon .

This thread of Rolliges’, with Cheyne photos, and Cheyne commenting on them… it’s STILL one of my favourites so far ! [time to ‘resurrect’ it ? "Rob … where are you " ??]



I have shipped a couple to Oz. it only cost $10.00 and takes about five days. Cheyne stays busy with his school, so if he can’t get one out right away let me know. I carry Mccoy gulls. I have almost 100 keels in Navy, Black and baby blue right now and about 12 Mccoy gulls in the various shapes and sizes. check my site and be sure to tell me your from swaylocks if you decide to get one.

Thanks Onella and others…

That zap copy looks good. Nice shape.

last week was hell, so I missed a few e mails. Second major hurricane in 10 months.

Anybody wish to comment on how close in performance the FCS 3D Red Tip to a Starfin. I got one a few weeks back and have not had any decent surf to try it yet.

I appreciate all the help. im poor right now and contemplating a move so im trying to decide whether the 60 bucks is tryly worth it to spend right now.

what do you think?

i have a more down the line, trim orientated flow style, i dont pump much. i like to let the flatter rocker i surf with do most of the work. i spend most of my time on eggy single fins in teh 6’0 to 7’0 range, except for when its small and clean and i feel like some tip time.

i dont know, i just dont know.

Recently got a Starfin from Solosurfer (Good price, good service) and have had it out a handful of times and thought I’d check in with an early review.

The board I tried it on is a 9’1’ ST McTavish Original which, after many experiments, I have been surfing with FCS Curvs as sidebites with a 6" Tru-Ames cutaway center fin. On the East Coast beach breaks ridden this combo for some reason works. The board is a fast paddler - I’m always game for swaping boards and it’s the one thing everyone who tries the boards coments on - and it seems to have enough drive to get me through any soft section of the wave. There are times on larger waves where it may not be enough fin as I can overbank the board and bury a rail if I’m too aggressive, but that’s the trade off I’ve been making.

The first thing I noticed about the board with the starfin was that it seemed to be slower paddling. When I turned to catch the first wave and started stroking it took a few more strokes to get the momentum going. On that very same wave I popped up when it felt “normal” only to miss the wave as the board slowed.

On a chest high day, where catching the wave wasn’t an issue, the Starfin is plenty of fin enough. On close outs where if you don’t turn along the wave quickly you’ll just get pitched head over board I could bank the board as hard as I wanted and feel it just pivot around the fin. Drive was great and while I won’t say it was looser I can say that it just felt like less stuff was going on beneath me. This may be a common feeling when going from a 2+1 to a single but there it is.

Anyway, I’m gonna switch back to my kooky setup to see if I’m imagining the slower paddling. I’ll let you know.

Let me look around…

I’ll let you know if I can find my old plexiglass broken one…

It had a broken front tab which you can probably fix using Benny’s/John’s technique.

Gotta find it first

i have a winged keel that i LOVE in waist+, slow, clean peelers. it does, however, drag more than my 9" singlefin and requires a bit more work to get into the wave. a good buoyancy pop takes away a lot of the effort. and i will say that it rides VERY loose. it’s so much fun to stall it out right at takeoff, pivot/spin the board down the line, step up and then just rocket forward. lotsa fun at the nose, too.