Where can I find a WHITE WETSUIT??

where can i find a white wetsuit?

I remember ripcurl making some white wetties back when colours were popular. Not sure if they do any more.

The big problem with them was they perished pretty quickly.

…ask Kelly …or quiksilver

[I’m not sure it makes you surf like him at teahupoo , though]

order it up custom Ill bet they got some material layin arround?


Try contacting Aleeda or Coral Reef, they both do custom stuff all day. They’re both in the Huntington area.

Snugg in Corwall will make you a suit any colour you want.

I bought my girlfriend a white wetsuit for her birthday a few months ago, but I don’t quite remember the name of the website, some boating place. Anyway, just go to www.google.com and search for “ladies white wetsuit”, they would surely be able to get you a white one. You might even searching for “mens white wetsuits”.

p.s. sharks are attracted to white