Where can I get a board like this?


I’ve been looking high and low for a board like this and still no luck.  I thought I had a local shaper who was going to build one for me, but he’s flaked out on me so I’m still looking.  I’d shape and build it myself, but the cost of a blank plus shipping is nutzo expensive.  I’ve thought about using Home Depot foam for a blank, but considering the cost of glass and epoxy, I want to make sure I’m starting off with a decent blank that won’t disintergrate on me.  I’ve sent emails to a couple builders (including DelRay) but no luck.  I’m on the US East Coast and want to get this in my hands before hurricane season goes into full swing in September.  Any ideas?

…call Jim Dunlop in Jax Fl.

He s good and fast.


by the way a swallow tail with that much foam is useless

put a diamond tail; will be better

Get a stock high performance kids SUP

If you have kids you buy it for them and you get to use it also.

Quality SUP's hold high resale value if it doesn't work out.

PSH makes one around the size you want.

Any custom SUP shop has the foam and ability to make what you want.

I sure would like to hear the flaked out shaper's side of the story. Wish he would start a " No soup for you" thread.

Below photo is a 12 yr old riding the board.


I’ll give Jim a call.  I’m running out of time for a custom board but maybe I’ll luck out.  I’ve looked at smaller SUP’s, in fact I paddled my wifes Jimmy Lewis 10’ SUP the other day.  I didn’t have any problem prone paddling it, but all the small SUP’s I’ve found cost about twice what I’m ready to pay for a surfboard.

As for my flakey shaper friend, he does it part time and when I first talked to him over a month ago I was lead to believe he was going to start the board in a couple days.  A month has passed and he’s been putting me off week after week.  Today he said he couldn’t promise when he might be able to start it.  Here on the Outer Banks our best waves are during Sept, Oct, and Nov.  The end of last month I was pretty sure a shaper would have enough time to finish it in time for September.  Now I’m stuck and have to try and find someone who is not busy and is willing to rush a board for me.  I’m pretty pissed about the whole thing.  He’s a popular guy here and does pretty good work from what I’ve seen.  I just wish I had known a month ago that it might take 3 - 4 months for him to finish a board instead of the 4-6 weeks he told me.  I wish blanks and glass were easier to get, otherwise I’d build it myself.  I shaped and glassed a couple polyester short boards, a 9’6" polyester windsurfer and a half dozen epoxy kiteboards.  A board I might make would probably not be as pretty, but at least I’d know how soon it would be made.  I’ve done business with custom shapers in Hawaii and understand how things go, I just wish this guy were a little more up front about how long things take with him.  Oh, well, lesson learned.  Not the end of the world.  ;)

Boardworks sell a Kane garden 8. fish just like that . I dont know why Delray would not get back to you , he is still around I see him selling boards on Ebay from time to time , there was a guy selling a couple of boards just like that on Craigs list honolulu a few months ago , said he needed the money to build a wheelchair ramp for his mom , nice looking boards but kind of specialized  may still be available . Hope this helps .

Just got an email from Delray.  Gonna investigate it further.  I’ll also check on the Kane garden 8 fish.  Thanks!

If you on the outer banks, try Tim Nolte. You won’t be disappointed.

I looked at the Boardworks Kane Garden fish and I think you’re talking about the “Orca 8’” model.  Unfortunately that’s a lot narrower and thinner than I’m looking for.  I definitely need the 25" width and 4+" thickness.  Nice board though, looks similar to some of the others I’m looking at.

Joe Blair makes an epoxy board that is the right dimensions and the layup looks plenty beefy for my heavy weight.  Haven’t gotten a hold of him yet, but that looks like my best option.

Yea, I know about Tim Nolte and he is a good shaper.  I’ll give him a call.  I’m running out of time for a custom board, who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky.  ;)

You may want to try Austin surfboards in Va. Beach.  Austin posts on here from time to time and builds incredible boards, including blunts.  Someones already mentioned Tim Nolte.  Theres also Bill Frierson in Va Beach.  All of these guys build great boards.


I think you're close to Emerald Isle; if so, Carl Heverly (Fisher's dad) shapes in that area.

I mentioned Nolte because he has been working on a sub 8 foot SUP for kids. Might be just your ticket, too.

Thanks guys.  Yea, I know Carl H. and he shapes some nice boards.  Not sure I’m going to go the custom route, I’m running out of time and I can’t afford a rush job.  A month ago I probably had enough time, but it’s peak season and everyone’s busy.  I’m looking at Joe Blair’s 8’9" x 26.5" x 4" epoxy pop-out which can be seen about halfway down this page under “sandwich construction” here:  http://www.jblairsurf.com/Custom_Boards.html

The dimensions are right, my concerns are the construction, pin tail and that hand hold in the deck.  Anyone here ever ride one of those boards?  Hard to pick a board just from pictures.


Are you still in the Atlantic Beach area? 

Dave D

Yup.  :)

Any of those smaller J blair SUP’s are nice, They are cheap too. What are you waiting for???

All the boards I’m looking at are going to cost me between $800 and $1,000 smackers after shipping, which would be about twice what I normally spend on a new board.  I’m looking at Joe Blair’s 8’9 x 26.5 x 4 quad pintail and Delray’s (KG label) 9’ x 25 x 3.95 snubnose quad fish.  Joe’s construction sounds bullet proof, but I’m not in love with the shape.  Delray’s shape comes close to what I want, but I’m not sure about his construction.  I figure if I’m going to spend that much, it better darn well be -exactly- what I want.  The direction I’m looking at the moment is a source for a cheap 8 foot 2 lb SUP EPS blank or an 8 foot SUP kit.  If I can find one cheap enough (with shipping) I may just build my own.  Thankfully, AKU Shaper kind of makes the process of designing the board a lot easier than the last time I built one (30 years ago).

consider this bigkahuna…please look up mystic surfboards website/blog and scroll thru it. jim posted a large orca type fish not too long ago that is pretty much what u r looking for w your personal tweeks like the snub nose on it…he can shape pretty much anything you can think of and does it all 100% by hand by himself…and you will save money…not be involved in promoting a popout…but yes you may not get the board by sept 10th…only an opinion but your haste seems to have you spending a lot of money on a `i will settle for it cause i am late to the party" idea

borrow a board if u can for a few weeks if you can while the exact board you want is being made

another recommendation is pridmore…i think that is his handle…he posts here and is a bigger guy himself and makes some nice big guy boards, and an east coaster too

a popout sup just seems the wrong choice but for ease and quickness…and i will guess you will still want the actual board you posted even after spending the money on the blair

only one guys opinion…i wish you only success


Thanks Warren, I think you’re exactly right.  I can’t get myself to spend that much dough and not get exactly what I want.  I’ve got another board (my 11’ pop out) that I rode all last season and will be using this season until I get a new board, so I don’t have to rush I’m just bummed that my local shaper dropped the ball on me and won’t get me a board before the end of the H season.  I called Jim and left him a message yesterday.  Haven’t heard back yet.  The killer (for me at least) is that shipping cost is stupid expensive.  Wish I were back in Hawaii, I know a half dozen great shapers back home who could knock this out in a weekend.  ;)

Give Ace a call in Ocean Beach  CA  He just might have what you are looking for on hand. shipping would ad to the cost but it would be there in time for The fall swells.

Send me a PM, I can help with blank in NC if you want to go that route.