Where can I get a UFD or DFS fin box

Hi Everyone,


I just picked up a Canyon old school fish as part of a package deal.  The board is in great shape, except one of the fin boxes was ripped out cleanly.  The problem is the fin boxes are "UFD" brand which apparently used to be "DFS" brand and I haven't been able to find anyone on the east coast that sells these things.  Does anything know where I can get a replacement?




If your Canyon is new, then it is a Chinese fake. Good luck finding a fin box.

I’m pretty sure DFS is the system used by the cheap chinese boards

Speaking of “Canyon” (cough-cough)…

Can someone refresh my memory, here?

Who was the main shaper at Canyon when Rusty started there?

In case anyone else needs this fin box, the guys at Rebel Ventures hooked me up.  I've attached a link for info.