Where can I get foam scraps?

I’m in Seal Beach and I’m looking for some old foam scraps of any size, anyone know where I can find some or should I just look in the trashcan behind Foam-EZ?

Hey Nico-

We can get you plenty of foam scraps whether you are looking for PU or EPS.  We keep a fair amount on hand for requests like yours.  Call the shop or come on down and we will hook you up.  Plus as you know we are only ten mins from your house!

See you soon-




The sad truth in the surfboard biz is,

almost all production shops utilize a CNC machine.

This means NO scrap foam pieces.

Back in the day, foam cut-outs and end pieces were in large abundance.

Shaping rooms were filled with it.

Me personally, I hand-shape ALL my boards.

Lots of scraps.

Lots of bones in my shaping room.

I’m in Oceanside.

Probably can’t help ya.

I’m a dying breed.

At least I’m amongst friends here!

The last bastion of handshaping.

I’m sure there are still some hand-shapers in your area. (I hope)

Nico We throw away tons of foam scraps daily.

We are off the 22 and 5 fwy about 15 min from Seal Beach if you are interested. you can have all you want