Where can I get foam?

I was in Costa Rica for 4+ months and just got back yesterday. Needless to say I dont really know where I can still get foam? Has Walker met the demands with their new factory in China? Is anyone else making PU blanks? What does everyone prefer for EPS blanks? I breif summarazation would be sweet thank you very much. A few Costa pics at www.webshots.com user smellen1183, nothing really good with the digital though.


I think there are a few places in Florida now where you can get eps. I get my stuff from powerlite blanks here in texas. What part of the east coast are you from?

Im from Maryland, I am really looking for poly blanks, but I was gonna do some EPS anyway, so I will prob make a trip down to FL to get a few EPS blanks and some Resin research resin. I used to only have to go to North Carolina, now looks like I might have to start going to texas…any waves there this time of year?

Only if you got a boat. How many blanks are you looking for? Craig (Powerlite blanks) is also a RR distributor. He can ship them to you if you order enough to offset the shipping cost.

photo from webshots smellen11

i live in massachusetts and just ordered a box of walkers,you can get it if your willing to throw down the money.115.00 for shipping alone

I live in Northern Virginia, and if you find a good blank company but the price is too much, I’d be willing to go in on an order with you to offset shipping or something.

I know there are a lot of EPS foam companies coming out of Florida at the moment. But shipping from Texas won’t be as much as shipping from California. Lots of options at the moment. I’m looking into both EPS and PU blanks, and the South American PU foam looks interesting.

Hey Rachel, I would def like to get a box of walkers…the sooner the better. How many were you looking to get I will call them tommorrow and figure some stuff out. In reply to the picture above, thats salsa brava and on webshots.com its user smellen1183 not smellen11.


Elliot and Rachel,

We are located in Virginia Beach. We are finally able to get our hands on a few different blanks. Walkers are still a little hard to get but if you let us know what you are looking for we might can pick up a few for you. Just lets us know.



Hey TSaunders, I would def like to get some blanks…could come down this weekend or early next week. Do you have walkers in stock? How much are like regular 6’4"s running? Thanks for your time. If you would like to call me…410-207-4172. I went to your website and there was no area code for the phone number. Thanks.