Where is everybody buying their blanks these days?

Was just on the Pau Hana Surf supply website.  Anybody deal with this company?  What has been your experince with their shipping service thru Fastnal?  How about Surf Source down in Florida?  I am looking for PU blanks and I am located in the NorthEast.  I have searched the forums but with this economy I am more interested with people's experiences within the last 6-months.  Thanks.

US Blanks available from wrvfactory@gmail.com , they're a container customer/distributor for US. Shipping should be reasonable from northern North Carolina to your area. Or just drive down for a surf on the banks and pick up. PM me if you want their phone #.

US Blanks = Quality


I’ve been getting Ice9 and EPS blanks from Greenlight Surf Supply in Philly. The Ice9 PU blanks are great. Super straight stringers and easy to shape. Plus I like the “green” aspect of it. Prices aren’t too bad either. I’m located in RI and usually make a trip down once every couple months. A friend of mine went down two weeks ago for a research trip and brought back 4 blanks for me. It’s not too far of a drive and it’s way cheaper than shipping. Brian is great to deal with as well.

After seeing a problem board that a friend had with the cane foam (the foam shrunk badly) I'm going to stick with traditional PU foam.  Greenlight is only an hour away from me and hopefully sometime soon they will bring on traditional PU foam.  Until then I will be using them for glassing supplies.  Good people.

What is people's recent experience with Pau Hana and Surf Source?  Anybody?


A friend of mine and I both got a blanks through Pau Hana.  Dirt cheap shipping.  If you have a fasenal near by.  After a few weeks they give you a call and you pic your blank up at the local fasenal.  We have two here in P'cola.  Caused for some confusion but that was my fault.

I tried to get my last blank from them but they were having a hard time getting stock.  I haven't checked in a few months. I hope they have things going again.  Royce seemed like a good guy.  Call them up.  I recommend them.

You should verify the shipping with fasenal.  They use to ship containers to Hawaii and we got great deals on shipping blanks. That all ended when fasenal started ship their products via FedEx.  Nevertheless, Pau Hana are good people with good customer service.


Was hoping for a few more responses.  Anybody?????

I've bought several blanks from them including some custom Segway EPS blanks.  If they still offer the Fastenal shipping deal, you can't beat it. 

I have bought from Pau hana and had them ship to NH. It was nice because I only buy 1-3 blanks at a time. I drive by fastenal on my way to work.

I had a few problems with them though.

I have had one blank got “lost”.

One nose was snapped partway off.

And one with a deep cut.

They don’t box them up, they are just shipped with a label stuck to them.


These were all on separate occasions but Royce worked it out and I was shipped new blanks for all the damaged ones. So i ended up keeping the free damaged ones to shape for myself.

I would buy from them again. Royce was pretty responsive when I called him with the issues.


How about SurSource???

I’ve used Pau Hana a few times…Last time the blank showed up a month late, but they were cool to deal with otherwise…

Hi Mako,

You can always get the highest quality PU blanks (US Blanks) and supplies from us.  We keep everything you see on our site in stock at all times and you can get custom stringers, rockers, glue colors, etc… in one week.  Our shipping takes approximately four business days to the East Coast.  You might pay a little more for shipping from us but you get exactly what you want and get it quick, not to mention all the most experienced customer service available.  We’ve been doing this for over 16 years so you can count on Foam E-Z for quality, service, and price.  Just call or email for a complete quote shipped to your front door. 

Servicing board builders is our number one priority since that’s what we do.  We’re not Shippers, not Computer Programmers, this is not our “Second” business; Foam E-Z is our sole commitment so please support the business that supports you.

Good luck in all your surfboard building endeavors.



Big Thumbs Up for Surf Source out of Florida.  Ordered on Monday, arrived on Wednesday.  Very professional to deal with.