Where is surfing headed in the next 25 years?

With the advent of wave parks that can be installed anywhere, and the coming improvements to their experience, where is surfing headed?
Is the sport about to hit a boom?
Will wave parks become the new golf courses?

I certainly hope wave parks spring up every where , it will keep so many wannabe surfers off the beach and out of the line up , and if they do paddle out they will quickly realize there is a big difference and they will go back to their pools .

…Surfing was cool and to be a surfer over 60 years ago was “da” thing now is kind of hiatus and possible in the future, could be performed by lamer people than us.

As far as surfing performance goes its pretty much all been done now. Same pretty much goes for equipment. Crowds will just keep getting worse. Wave parks and surf schools will continue to destroy once uncrowded breaks with kooks on pop out boards.

Wisdom from my Bradda. Mahalos.

No Doubt.

I think the future of surfing is bright. Different then we knew it, but far from doom and gloom.

There will be more people parading around pretending to be surfers but it will never be what it was.

Never, being the operative word.

Nothing will ever be what it was, it cant be 59, 72 or 84 ever again but sports, cultures and creativity change over time.
Cultures built for 1000 years have lasted less than a decade, the greatest of companies have fallen and one day surfing will rise again, but hopefully not while I’m in the surf.
It would be most unlikely that equipment will never advance despite there being a similarity in everything at the moment, it only takes one company to bring out something new and the pack will follow, innovate, improve and that will create a whirlwind of advance until it too is refined down to the last millimetre and then it will take something new again to set the world on fire. But it’s been a slow generation of design reflection. Maybe the Ekstrom Asymmetricals are new but finless has been done, the same with asymmetry. Some of the construction techniques are new but a ‘coated core’ is still conceptually old. Even the hollow clear plastic boards of a few years ago have been done before in Aluminium. Based on the number of smart creative minds in the industry, something is always brewing behind doors.

Ha! In 25 years, everyone will be surfing bonzers. :wink:

But to address Where is surfing heading… it’s probably more controlled by future corporate decisions that dictate consumer desire. If Slaters surfparks become financially viable, any number of backers will ensure it gets the media hype telling us we are sad, lonely, lazy surfers to be battling the ocean when surfing Nirvana is available in 30 minute sessions for only $49.99 at any of the 378 convenient mainland locations.
But surfing has that intrinsic ‘ratbag’ element that will defy the hype and unlike engine sports, we can walk out the door and surf at will.
But surfing as we know it could be outlawed within 25 years.

Sorry, the future of surfing is…


Just look at where gymnastics is now, and that’s where surfing will be in 25 years, it will be just be done on surfboards out in the water on waves. Surfing is becoming a gymnastic event.

Ekstrom’s Asym’s are hardly new. He filed for a patent in 1965 and was granted it in 1967.

Saw my first asymmetrical surfboard, on the North Shore, in 1963. Fiftythree years ago. It was an Aussie board. Two distinctly different rail lines. You’re certainly correct, as a concept, it sure isn’t new !

We will all meet next Wednesday at noon to go surfing. What color wetsuit will you be wearing? I will be riding my new Zippypong sickfin. You better get one too so we all look so cool. After surfing we can get a craftbrew and $20 burger while our manbuns dry…Oh wait that is not 25yrs from now.

It is hard to beat a good IPA or Pale Ale. Cheaper bought retail in bottles than at a brew-pub though.
Waves are for launching.
Aerodynamic shapes will change surfboard performance in the air.
Modified car rack systems will be needed for aerodynamic surfboards.

It’s over. Just learn how to go backside and grab the rail. Then do an air and fall off your board. No worries if you can’t swim…the leash will save your ass.

Surfers will get bigger, stronger, more athletic like in all other sports through competitive selection, nutrition, and training. Mike