Where is the World's Biggest Surfboard?

What’s happening with it now, is it still touring, what are the plans for the future?

Does anyone have a link to some info?

The NEV board is stored in So. Cal at the moment.

Thanks AF, would you or anyone else know what’s being planned for it?

Or is it going to be put up on the Goldy somewhere, like the Biggest Pineapple, Big Banana etc…

Those are some little surfers.

…any idea why they are riding the board towards the horizon , too ??

are they surfing the bacwash or was the photo ’ bad photoshop beach’ , or something ??

I thought / read / dreamed / heard that it was supposed to travel to quiksilver pro contests worldwide [ones where it could be "easily " displayed on a beach somewhere] , but I’m guessing they may have scrapped that idea due to time expense logistics involved ?

…who knows ? [and does anyone really care , besides nev I guess , and maybe quikdollar

hicksy is only asking after the biggest board because …

hehehhahaha [evil laughter coming soon …]


now what we need is the worlds biggest compsand…

Nev gave it to some grom…

But then a heavy local came and took it away…

Holy moley! What is that, about 25’? Crew SUP, anyone :?>

multi- person- SUP, for open ocean swells? i’ll join that crew, please?

surfing while bbq-ing and fishing at the same time, i’m definitely there.





yup !



the all girl team paddlers rip trestles

at half time.

alan semour production?

San Onofre demo…

after trestles

comon alanzo///


Wow they stored that board in So. California and it survived post Black Monday? Did they put in the Navy base? Cuz that would have been alot of foam . . .

The art sculptures are cool. Worlds biggest grom, and heaviest loco local.

“alan se[y]mour production?”

ah yes …

what ever happened to HIM , eh ???

…I used to enjoy his “doing donuts” ads in surfer mag in the ?70s ? 80s ? …they used to give him shit all the time !

[my memory fails me regarding his ''years of ?fame?"… those decades have whizzed past !]


seamoure-classic surfboards.com

california vintage surfboard auction

he produces the roxy contest at san Onofre



And where is this now???

hopefully that one [the skatey] has been recycled into


… USEFUL !!!