where should the widest pont be?

id like to shape a 7’11 board i 22 in. wide ( is that too wide for a girl? im 5’4 130lbs.) 16in nose 15 in tail. sould the widest point be right in the middle? if the waves make a difference here they are waist high east coast jersey shore waves.

also, im not sure what kind of nose and tail shape to do… i was thinking squash tail



Go 21" max…

I’m 5’10 and 22" is max width for me, any more, only my hands dig into the water when I paddle, and that’s not efficient for sprint paddling.

Most funboards have WPoints about 4-5" forward of center, for traditional easy paddle and float, low performance. Funboards are made to make surfing easy, not radical. Fine as it is.

Wide funboard noses are easy to noseride, float and paddle well, can’t handle strong offshore winds, if you have them.

Squash tails turn sharp, but you need the power to lean the board over in medium sized surf, so sometimes, for smaller peeps, a rounded pin is more neutral, and can handle more variances in wave size.

those demesnions sound pretty good to me. you might want to consider bringing in the width a little bit. so that it can be carried a little easier. the boards i shape for my girlfreind have the wide point usually a few inches back.

the squash tail also seems to be the predominet tail in female minded surfboards.

i have a board(yeah i live in MD but dsurf in jersey) that next time i go to jersey i can get the Dims for you, it’s a 8 foot egg that i used as a longboard till i grew another 4 inches. paddles really well easy to surf my friend jokes that it is the easiest thing to ride.