Where to browse/buy blanks in San Diego?

I recently moved back to San Diego after nine years up North.  I used to really like being able browse through the racks at the Pearson Arrow shop to get inspiration for my next board.  I also liked that they had such a good selection of US Blanks blanks.  Where do the SD people here buy their blanks?  I don’t want to look through a catalog.  I want to be able to see a big rack of both poly and eps blanks, point at one, and say, “that’s the one!”  I’m not super price sensitive.  I mean… yeah… I’m too cheap to buy a glassed board off the rack.  But, I don’t want to go to a warehouse, full of seconds, that have big bubbly holes in the foam.  I’d really like to find a place, like Peason Arrow, that has racks of US Blanks. If not, what other available foam brands have equal quality?

Mitch’s Surf Shop

Yes Mitch’s or the Arctic Warehouse in O’side.  

Mitch has a shop in La Jolla, as well as one in Solana Beach.     Plenty to choose from.      Welcome back to San Diego !

I’ve been buying PU blanks from Surf Supply, also in O’side.   Cheaper than Mitches but perhaps not the selection on hand.  I don’t usually use stock rockers, though so on-hand selection doesn’t mean that much to me.    

Thanks Bill!

Alright then…  I’ll go check out Mitch’s again.  I’m close to the La Jolla shop.  Does the Encinitas shop have a bigger selection, or is it about the same?  My memory from >10 years ago was that the blanks were tucked away in a small corner in the back of the shop.  I don’t remember their being that many blanks on display.  I could be wrong.

I was kind of hoping to find a place with a long rack of blanks –  like shown on this site (3rd image down the page): https://surfdreamers.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/pearson-arrow-surf-shop/



As stated earlier, Arctic Foam has their main warehouse in oceanside with a large selection of blanks (did get a little slim due to covid). Also,  right around the corner from them is fiberglass source, who carry US blanks. I’ve never browsed blanks at Mitch’s, so I can’t compare to that, but between those 2 spots, they should have something to your liking.

Yeah forgot about Fiberglass Source/ Surf Supply.  Usually they have plenty.  Just down the road from Arctic.  


Basham’s a little farther up the road in San Clemente always has a big selection of blanks. And all the other stuff you need as well.

10-4 on that.

I wish there were the options here that you guys in Southern California have.

Further up the road, but Brad usually has a boat load  at Foam-Ez in Westminster.  Next door to Steve Albin’s Aloha Glass.  Lowel