Where to buy 2pac clear coat spray?

Been looking around for this stuff for a couple days now.  

Is it sold in the US?

Tried google not much to give…

I was in an auto body supply place recently looking for scotch brite discs and they had UPOL Clear #1 (and most other Upol products) for about $20 bucks a can. So I would say that auto body supply places are your best bet. They are usually on the “wrong side of the tracks” because they are primarily servicing the auto body trade and not consumers.

When folks refer to 2pac coatings, they are talking about 2-component (also called “2K”)automotive type urethane clear coats.  These kinds of coatings require proper spray-painting equipment, knowledge and personal protection epuipment to handle safely.



True. And I also noticed that most threads about 2-pac coatings evolve into threads about Upol aerosol spray and how great/simple it is. Keep in mind that Upol makes true 2-component clear coats as well and as I said, good auto body supply places have both.


killer cans -spped clear


they carry some neat stuff