Where to Dump Bags of Foam Dust?

Got 3 trash bags full, recycling center? Any ideas??

Dump it in the ocean.

Use it as vermiculite.

Put it in the salt shaker at Lenny’s.

Bag it and sell it to some junkies.


Got 3 trash bags full, recycling center? Any ideas??

cut up stockings into 6" long tubes. fill it with foam dust. tie off both ends. sell it as a wax remover.

Call the recycling center, tell them what kind of foam it is, and perhaps they can help you dispose of it responsibly.


If it’s in trash bags just let the garbage collectors take it.


If it’s in trash bags just let the garbage collectors take it.

Given the lack of good advice on this thread, it appears that the above method is the most common. I guess that is why I have never tried to build a foam board. It’s just too messy, and there is too much waste.

It would be great if there were a place to recycle foam. As a father, I can’t believe how many toys come packaged in foam. I just end up throwing it all a way, and always feel bad about it.

Wait until dark. Toss them into your neighbor’s yard. Kidding. I throw my bags into the trash can. My G-man(Terry) picks em up every Wednesday. They go to the dump. Our dump is state of the art. They sort everything. They recycle plastics, scap metals(sold to Japan, come back as Toyotas), wood (chopped and used for garden mulch), and I don’t know what they do with foam. Their electricity come from methane gas collected from decomposition of the landfill. Pretty cool. They even have a Last Chance thrift shop for just about anything you can think of. Demo garden. Art from garbage. A pretty good place to take your ‘shit.’ The rest they just dump into the Monterey Bay Marine Sactuary(kidding again). Mike

Assuming you’re using normal PU foam, the materials safety data sheet from Clark Foam (I would figure everyone else’s MS sheet is similar) notes that it can be disposed of in common landfills as long as it’s packaged, labeled, transported and disposed of in conformance with all applicalbe local, state, and federal regulations.

I don’t think this is the most “green” method and I would love to find out if it’s possible to recycyle this “waste” on a large scale, but it looks like it’s okay to send it off to the dump if all else fails.

I’ll be keen to see what everyone else comes up with.