Where to find FCS Twinzer fins?

Just finished an 8’2" mini longboard and I’m looking to put some single FCS plug Twinzer (side bite) fins on the board. I was thinking of using the Twinzer style fins because I had a Blue Hawaii / Ernie Tanaka longboard once and it had those type of fins way out on the rail and the board worked great. Trouble is I’m having a hard time finding anything even on the FCS sight. I want to use FCS because I’m going to put two plugs on each side so I can use a bigger two plug fin such as a thruster fin and also be able to use the Twinzer single plug fin in either plug. Who makes these type of fins so I can just order them without any hassle?

Thanks all

i was scanning thru ebay yesterday...

and saw that bc creations has them

call them