Where to get blanks in New England?

Just wondering where all the shapers from New England are getting their blanks? Is there anyplace to pick them up to avoid shipping costs?


Talk to Shane Smith in New Hampshire - he’s a good guy.

hope that’s of use


Depending where you are located…

Shane Smith up in NH at his 2SI factory has blanks.

Dave Levy of LSD Surfdesigns from RI sells blanks.

WarmWinds Surfshop in RI sells blanks.

Another good way is to talk to other local shapers order several blanks and split the cost of shipping. Usually shipping for 1-4 boards is the same amount of money. Where abouts in New England are you from?

How’s the surf in New Englad area?

Any info in New England surf (safe and friendly) spots? Cold water gear requirements (suits and boots)?

I’ve got this emminent change in my life where I will have to move to Boston Mass this year. Biggest fear I have is not being able to surf and shape as much as I use to.

Ahmmm - basicly, the more money the summer people have, the nastier it gets. Blue collar areas tend to be very friendly. Bring beer and you will be one of the boys real soon.

‘Safe’ is relative, I guess. Water is relatively clean, no probs with sundry sharks and such to speak of. But it do get cool. Having a 5mm suit in your winter bag is a Good Thing, likewise heavy boots, etc. Depends a lot on how cold-tolerant you are.

Summer - well, it’s a good time to go fishing. Fall is where it’s at. When it is good, it’s very very good, when it is bad it is horrid. http://fbates.home.comcast.net/sp2.htm shows what it’s like when it’s good at my home break.

hope that’s of use


Some great breaks in MA and RI area, just have to hit them at the right time. Usually winter and hurricane season is the best times for waves. Summers are usually flat but have occasional waves here and there just not as consistent. Easily need a 6/5 suit for winter, 4/3, 3/2 suits if you want to surf year round. Ofcouse good 5mm boots and 5mm lobster claw gloves are essential. Winter water drops down to 34 degs and summer the water can reach 68 to 70+ degs. Overall dedicated and hardcore surfers around here surf year round to get the best waves. Hope you like cold water.

Sweet pics Doc.

Not so depress anymore. Sorry for post robbing, but I will check out those blank dealers as soon as I get there.

Hey thanks for the advise.

I’d recommend 7mm boots for winter.

Most places have more aloha spirit than the rest of the world. I’m happy not to surf alone sometimes.

Rocks, reefs, rivermouths, coves…bitter cold, extreme tidal changes…not crowded, friendly attitudes, beautiful landscape.

Like doc said “bring beer” (and surf year-round) and you’re in.

Anyone know of any other sources up in northern New England (NH, ME)? Shane Smith and 2SI are no longer in NH - someone told me he moved to Florida. I’m looking for LB blanks (9’6 -9’8").



Shane Smith moved to FL a long time ago.

If you New England guys want to get a bulk order together we can ship 1-12 blanks for around $115-$125 depending on total weight.



Hey Coldwater,

Look up Bunger Surf on Long Island.  I know he always keeps quite a few blanks around and will sell you what you need.  Mike at Grain Surfboards (Maine) has all the connections in surf so he might be able to help you.  If you’re still having issues finding what you need call or email us and we can get it (up to 8 blanks) out to you for around $115, this shipping charge includes everything else you order at that time (resin, cloth, tools, etc…).

Good luck-


I used to live in Connecticut, and I would get a 24"x24"x96" block of 2lb EPS foam for about $300 from Madison Polymeric in Branford, CT.  A block that size can be cut fairly easily into 5 blanks.  They've got good people working there, and I still ride some of the boards I made from that foam years ago in Hawaii today.  Possibly a good option for those who don't have access to blanks, or don't want to pay lots for shipping.  Just be careful making the hot wire foam cutter...I started more than a couple fires creating mine.

Madison polymeric, Really?I should try there again. I been stuck in CT since a few yrs ago…that place MadPoly is hard to find, kinda a warehouse not visible from the street. I went last year randomly on my way to RI for a surf, had looked up the address. i sat in this dark waiting room there by myself like on detention with some hotwired foam doodad examples on the wall, chub secretary paged the manager like ‘one of those surfboard guys is here’, oh he’ll be right down she sez, i sat there for 40 minutes and then screw it its too nice outside so i left, my fault i didnt call ahead. Warm winds in Narraganset has some blanks and greenlight i like for the small orders I’ve made, i trust theyd do you right for blanks too. i got some eps slabs from cellofoam in VA, i had room for it on a trip down there, so far its been good, but even though its 2 lb density it is not virgin foam, some trash gets in them, i picked out what looked like the head of a roofing nail from an egg i shaped, shit is in there waiting for you to hit it with your planer.