Where to get boards glassed in sydney

Anybody know ?? or anyone want to glass my project boards 

graham king in kirrawee (near cronulla) does them for 290 with fcs plugs.

opposite end of sydney from newport though.

Freight them to Yorky surfboards.

Spray white

FCS or Future including fins

Permium finish (double sanded)

$250 plus gst

plus freight aprox  $30 - $40 return

2 week turn over.



Ok thangs guys ill keep these options in mind, does graham have a phone number or website ??

GK - 9521 3645.

he also manufactures and sells blanks and materials

 zac, theres a heap of glassers in Mona all the way down to Brooky who will glass. Mauricio Gil a Brazillian guy in Brookvale has done a bucket load of one-offs for guys I know. Most repairers will do a full glass.

Ask at Beach Without Sand at Nth Av or any surf shop.


You do epoxy?

yep sure do

Thanks Adryan, I’ll be in touch.  Just about got the machine running.