Where to get stringer wood?

Looking to build a triple stringer longboard and mess with different stringers, i’ve been searching the internet for places to get different stringers online, can anybody help me? thanks.

Where do you live; how much do you need; what kinds of wood; what rockers, and thickness?

     Howzit Shipwreck,I think you are going to have to make your own stringer so the next thing to do is go to the lumber yard unless you know a blank maker who might give you some stringers.We do have a few members who make their own stringers and you might try finding out who they are and see if they can help you. Aloha,Kokua

The question should read: Where to get lumber to make stringers? Never seen anyone market pre-cut stringers. The process is quite simple and doesn't take sophisticated tools to do.



Thanks for the replies, i didn’t know if somebody sold pre-cut ones. i’ll just go to a lumber yard or cut a tree down to make some. thanks.

Shipwreck, use DRIED wood, not green milled. Wether dried outdoors or in a kiln it is important to have low moisture content for several reasons.

I guess I will just sit on the hundreds of stringers I have still from Walker, Clark, and Green Valley Mill a bit longer.  Its amazing what people throw away.

Hi Ship-

We can get custom stringer wood within one week.  It comes in Bass, Red Cedar, Balsa, or AppleCore Ply (colored 3-ply up to 8ft long).  Basically any thickness/length you desire and 8" tall to accomodate any rockered board.  The wood is cured and ready to install.  Give us a call or email for more information.

Good luck-