Where's Doc been?

Checked status and he hasn’t been on in almost a month. Vacation, sick of us, anyone know?

Herb Bean

probably spending time with his fiancee…

I miss Doc’s wisdom and those great diagrams he always does so well.

In the fall he mentioned going to Nicaraugra for the winter. Who knows?


So was it the new the fiancee, Nicaragua, or both? Glad to see you back.


well, like I answered John before…


domestic bliss. followed by domestic chaos, followed by domestic bliss. Life is a carnival, and I am smack in the middle of the freak show at times.

3 or 4 new careers opening up, all at once, holidaze, stepkids, exes, getting lost on US 175, US 275, US any-damn-thing-with-a-75-in-it in downpour rain and just keeping on going and approaching from the south instead of the north… illness, vertigo, assorted and sundry arm and back braces.

ya might say I’ve been busy…

Between trying to get the hell out of what I have been doing these last 30 years and into something that actually pays money ( growing shellfish, starting a small company to do tech training, learning Java and similar stuff, making a living or trying to while I do all that ) , designing and engineering some new stuff, like a house in a materials system I haven’t worked with before ( concrete over a wire matrix over styrofoam - ya use gunite concrete sprayed on, bond beams, etc, etc ) , a heating system i haven’t seen before ( demand hot water driving radiant heat), composting toilets, still haven’t figured out what to use for the roof system, all on the dirt cheap. Then there is redoing this place, so I can have it working for a radically different occupancy/use, getting the boat set up, fixing another boat for the shellfish biz, and there is more. New-used puters, wireless setup, different OS, all that fun and games.

lately, things have slowed down some, too cold to work outside ( -20 F wind chills) and I have pretty much been waiting for stuff to gel and come together. So, had some time and here I be.

what a long strange trip it’s been…

Hey Doc:

Sounds like you’re pretty busy all right. I spoke to my sister-in-law and she had told me that things sounded ok with your shellfish farm - glad I could provide an introduction. See you this summer some time.


Oh crap - Jeff, I have been meaning to write and thank you for everything. All is well with that, and it’s proceeding, no matter how disastrous everything else may be. Hope your brother got some oysters, and I suspect there will be plenty in the spring.

See- Jeff mentioned he had family in my town, and it turns out they were right next door to both my family and where I have been planning on growing shellfish. He was nice enough to set up a meet so that any details or problems could be ironed out. Rather a fortuitous coincidence.

Thanks again, Jeff- the cold ones are on me