Which blank would you use?

For a 6’7" (11" nose 19" one inch behind center 14" tail 2 3/8 thick) round pin for a 160lb. guy (me) in a wide variety of waves in North-Central Calif. I want a flat bottom in front of the wide point (or even a slight forward vee if I get really brave) to a slight single concave thru the front fins if that matters. 6’9" R has been the only one I’ve used for this so far. Thanks for sharing.

…IF YOU LIKE THE 6-9R, THE 6-7R can be a good thing for you too!Herb

I’m a 160lb guy, and I used a 6’7R for my first board. I was shooting for 6’7 too, but being my first board, it was more like 6’5 and a half. I’m sure I could pull it off now, but you have to be careful, if you want the full 6’7, there’s not a lot of padding to play around with on the tips. Other than that, it makes a nice big wave shortboard, lots of rocker, - I put a slight vee in the nose, but it was pretty much a single stage rocker, not much toe-in on the fins… a big wave shorty. If your gonna put in a three stage, with concave and the whole sha-bang, might concider something a little smaller, at 160lbs a 6’3 should be plenty for a shorty. just my 2cents