Which FCS would YOU recommend for a 6,8 ultralight tri fin, squash?

I just received a new shortboard (I’ll post the pics soon) and it has FCS. I haven’t had FCS in a long time, so I was wondering if any of you smarter-than-me folks could recommend something.

Here’s the deal:

6,8 long

14 inch tail

20 middle

13 inch nose

2 5/8 thick, ultralight, squash tail. A standard trifin for ripping (although, uh, I don’t know if I’ll be ripping on it, but that was its purpose).

As mentioned, I know nothing about FCS fins, and the board didn’t come with any (hey, my shaper charged me 250, so there’s NO way I’ll complain about that).

Basically I want to turn as tightly as possible in the pocket. I already have tons of down-the-line type boards (fish, fish-hybrid, 7,6 pintail, etc.). I want to stay right where the action is with this board.

Any suggestions?

Oh, I am six feet tall (with shoes on) and weigh 190. I’m an advanced intermediate surfer with 27 years of experience.

Thank you.

Well, I would have recommended Red X. But, since you already have FCS, I’d recommend the Carbon K2.1.

Since you went with the FCS, Abe, you should at least try a pair of CRVs. Those are the curved carbon FCS fins. Note that I say a pair, because I think that the center fin from those is too large and should be swapped out with a normal fin template.

If you want, bring the board down on Halloween, go out for a surf with some of the other SD swaylockers, and try out the CRVs. (i.e. I have some you can try).

I also think the Occys work pretty well if you don’t want to shell out for carbon fins…

Howzit Abe, I’ve been getting some really good feedback on the FG series fins. You might look into a set of FG-7’s. Check with some surf shops to see about testing some fins. The shop will ask for a credit card for a security deposit but as long as you bring back the fins you won’t get charged. I find the K2.1 work better on rounded pin tails and I think they cost more than the FG series fins only because Kelly needs his cut of the profits.Aloha,Kokua

Hey AF,

I’ve been experimenting with FCS for a few years now and even custom/mod’ed some for kicks. You can spend heaps of dough like I have but here’s the skinny…

the std molded fins flex more at the tips, the carbons are stiffer…more stiff more drive. The signature fins each have their own unique foils…the TC redlines are thick foiled and would work well with flatter rocker boards, particularly in the tail…+ they add drive. The K’s are also thicker foiled and have lower rake for a more pivoty feel.

For your specs and tight pocket surfing the cheapest and best would be the molded Rusty’s. I like R fronts and a G5 back in avg surf. The front G5s have a very poor foil (dont understand why they dont improve this). The AM’s increased rake will help to draw out turns.

The new FG series with inside foil and concave…I bought a set of 7’s and realized that they severely altered the toe-in…about 2-3 degrees more toe than everything else they have (???). The feedback has been positive but its not from what they promo (dual foil)…its actually more toe, quicker turning. Would bog down a good rockered board. Haven’t decided if they were a good purchase…on the fence.

With the vast product selection, there’s so many combos its not even funny.

You probably won’t like this, cuase I know you hate Surftechs but as far as light boards:

I have the French 7’0" Surftech which is about the same dimensions and real light and have had alot of success with the original carbon TC Redline (Red/black) fins.

Low profile, wide base so you generate alot of speed but not track too much.

On my 6’8" Merrick Flyer Surftech I use the Carbon Merricks which have the same punch but are looser. I tried the Carbon Simon Anderson S2s on them and it gives you a lot of power but it’s alot stiffer off the top.

The CRVs won’t give you the same drive, and the Slater 2.1s were too flimsy for me (200lbs).

But if you like to turn alot then the new FCS foam curved fins are a good bet too.

The carbon and foam version will also keep the tail weight down.

Howzit mc, With the vast product selection, there’s so many combos its not even funny

  That's exactly why I suggested taking advantage of FCS's test fins so he can figure what works best before buying. The darn FG series is selling like hotcakes here and I'm having a hard time keeping any in stock. Aloha,Kokua