Which fin setup would you run? (pics)

Okay this is my first board I shaped and glassed so it ain’t the purdiest (probably because I screwed around with painting it and ended up removing all the paint). Anyways It’s a 5’10 shortbard 4.5 N rocker 1.7.5 tail. Its 2.25 thick by 19.5 wide. I was curious as to which fin setup you guys think I should go with. Initially i had a standard thruster in mind, but after seeing some greg griffin twins I am leaning toward something like his twins?

I’m only 140lbs and only 5’9 but the waves will be sizeable short period wind slop or lined up clean once in a blue moon.
Anyways heres pics!

[img_assist|nid=1061417|title=finished 3|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=75][img_assist|nid=1061416|title=finished 2|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=75][img_assist|nid=1061415|title=Finshed1|desc=top|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=75]

oops heres bigger pics



Twin plus trailer.  

First board?  Thruster.  Mike

Since your name is gulf coast im going to assume that where your from, i would go quad or twin(zer)  get you up to speed soon and fun.

Yes i am indeed confined to the gulf coast for the next year. I think twin/twinzer might actually be better because i have no access to a router to get through the stringer.
















Thruster. Quad (rail finned). Griffin Style five.  If I put an 8" FU box I could have had even more options. I’m stoked on this set up.

Im likin the quad twin switcheroo but since I have no access to a router should I go with the fcs holesaw bit? Kinda scared to freehand a probox as much as I love them

The ryobi trim router is pretty cheap – maybe $50 at home depot…  I would get that.  Then do probox boxes and make it a quad…

I like a 26.6 fin board… The .6 fin doesnt do too much though.  Thinking about droppin that extra fin to save on weight!  

expect to shell out cash for every single one of those babies.  The more fins the marrier - .6!

I dunno if a router is fully cost effective though, I’ll only be making a few boards a year (plus I cant hold a job due to cross country conflict)

As for rager I’m not really sure what you are getting at. I will be surfing subpar waves and was wondering which setup would work with my outline/foil so ill be sure to let you know if I go with a 26 skegger, maybe put your name on it!

no need for such stuff


fin rope and these

Ooooooh, what are those going on Knowaloha?

EDIT: another twinzer?

For glasson fins, you set them on the board with either resin or hot glue, set football patches on each side to solidify and then run fin rope around the base correct?


they went on my #1


Gulfcoasted ,


  1. mark fin placement

  2. tack fins down with 5 min epoxy ( if you do a twinzer do the big fins first and wait until they are done before doing the canards ) ask me how i know  :slight_smile:

  3. fin rope ( having help is a good idea )

  4. cloth footballs

maybe some pros can chime in .



For the twinzers what placement/cant would you go with for a small wave shortboard?