Which Futures for new board?

I’m looking for any fin recommendations for my new board. It’s an 8’0" Davo Mini-log (handshaped epoxy) with a thruster set-up. I usually ride the carbon GYU’s in FCS. The board is going to be my everyday ride for East coast summer beachbreaks and I’m 5’11/215lbs. Thanks!

We need more info on your board first. Mini-log with a thruster setup is a disconnect… I think of logs as single fins. As far as Futures thruster setups go… I like the 437 Vectors with a Hatchet or cnventional center fin. !'m 190lbs and I like smallish fins so you may want to try the larger 460 Vectors. You may also want to try a larger center fin (6"-7") with 3-1/2" sidebites for a 2+1 feel.

Get a buttload of fins and try them all. You might like different sets for different conditions. Besides… it’s nice to have spares. I’ve got about thirty extra sets of fins in my garage, and I show up at the beach with a few sets just in case.

Maybe I shouldn’t call it a mini-log. The specs are 8’0 x 18 x 22 x 15 x 2 11/16. Tri-fin set up, no single box for center fin. Round nose and tail…more performance egg than mini-log. I totally get what you are saying about a variety of fins, but right now I am looking to learn a little from others before I spend the dough. This would be no problem if the board had FCS or was a 2 + 1. I am new to the Futures system. Thanks again!

Then I’d go with the 460 Vectors. They work unreal. They don’t let the tail slide around much and they are noticably faster than other setups. In my opinion they are the most advanced foils out there.

Thanks for the info. I’ll go check 'em out.