Which Glass on Bottom

Hello . Might seem like a dumb question . When you use 2 layers of glass on the deck …say 1 6oz and 1 4oz which one goes on the bottom?? Thanks D.J.

60z laid down first


My preference is 4 oz first, cut past rail center, then 6 oz for the lap. Or lap both layers. Just depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Howzit Hotcoat, 4oz first,trim it a little above the rail tuck then 6oz cut to about a 2" lap. Using 6oz to wrap the rails gives you more tubular rail strength which makes the board more resistant to buckling or breakage.Aloha,Kokua

Aloha , Thanks … looks like it’s a toss up on which comes first. Gonna use 6oz S-glass for the bottom then have 1 6oz S for the top and 1 4oz E? Glass just for a stronger deck … Thinking the 4oz first without a real lap then the 6 lapped for rail strength??? Thanks too all, I’m building boards…a board while I wait to see whats up with this pinched nerve thing in my neck…

I’ll be the tie breaker…use the 4oz first as the inlay and wrap rails with the 6 oz like mentioned above.

if (as is common) the 4 oz cloth is narrower than the 6 oz, it’s a no brainer for the 4 oz going on first.

You can do it anyway you want, I guess. But the stanard in recent years has been as Kokua and Keith stated. Four oz. first. I do it exactly the same way. Mid-rail --4 oz., lapped 6 oz. I mostly use E, free-lapped and then grind the laps. If you are going to use S, you might want to cut your lap(for cosmetic reasons). Not as clear as E. McDing

Wouldn’t putting the 4 oz on top leave a flatter weave so you need less resin for hotcoat for a lighter board? Still, I guess if you want a strong rail and want to lap the 6 oz over the rail the edge of the 4 oz cloth would propably show.