Which Hitachi Planer

Hi Guys,
I’m new to Swaylocks, I’ve been an avid reader for a long time and have found a huge amount of info on design etc. I’ve just found a couple of old Hitachi planers for sale here in NZ, an F30 and an F30A. From what I’ve read both are pretty popular as shaping planers. If you had the choice between the 2 which would you choose? Anyone had/got both and have a preference for a reason. I have a modern Makita but would prefer not to have to mod that too much so I can still use it for house renovating!!!
Any advice you can offer would be amazing and thanks to all those who share their wealth of knowledge here for others to benefit from.

i thought they were p 30 but i was wrong, i have an f 30, very powerful nice wide cut, great handle angle compared to the hitachi f 20 and the makitas beast. i have seen ones that have been modified but mine is stock. but im no kazuma. If you have not yet look up @kazuma matt kinasota (sorry if thats spelled wrong). kazuma surfboards on instagram.

Oh thanks for the reply Sk8ment! I bought the F30A in the end and have done a few mods already.

Still have to finish the depth control, it’s just a mock up to test at the moment.

All finished bar some cosmetics now! Looking forward to getting into a board now!!!

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