Which is the name of this Tail ?

Hi guys, I cant find wich is the name of this kind of tail, if anybody knows the name and the features will be very useful !

this is the link where you can see the board and the tail:




That’s a ‘‘Felix’’ tail, named because it looks like a cat head.


a thumb tail with a hangnail

(just kidding)

Actually, its proper name is “The 3 Surfers In the World Tail”.

Because there’s probably only 3 surfers alive who could actually say that those little zits make one tiny bit of noticeable difference in the boards performance…

Narcisistic affectation - pure and simple…

But…if Kelly rides it…it must work…

gimmick tail?

…but it looks cool

…do not forget the Tomo boards…those are king of the gimmicks

1st two responses are pretty much what I’d say. Fang Tail and Felix the Cat. But I’m sure someone here thinks it’s a fish.

I always thought the fangs are at the end of channels so they aren’t just little tips. There’s a channel down the middle section of the bottom of the board. I’m not sure if it’s a vee like a double concave or just a single flat section. I think Lost was making those too.

I would think that the points on this tail “do nothing” in the same way that the wings on any board “do nothing” - thats all this is man, a rounded tail with low-placed wings

I've seen a couple with channel bottoms - each channel exiting just inside the 'ears.'   Each board had quad fins and looked pretty nice.

..."Bat Wing"........


Hard to shape, hard to glass......good stuff for the repair guy.

I'm a repair guy...keep up the good work! 


Bat wing is more of a three-point swallow

I’d say it’s a winged-thumbnail 


Without the points,  Lost calls these “rocket tails” . 

I shaped a board I was planning on putting a round tail on, and when I got to the end of the process, it looked too wide at the tailblock to me. So I kept the rail line, but winged it down at the bottom, then rounded the the tail. Thought it was a good compromise to keep the width I wanted under the back foot, maintain the longer, straighter rail line, but loosen it up a bit behind the trailing fin. I thought I was being creative… until I brought it out to show the glasser and said, “what do you think? I just came up with this, and I think it will work, and looks cool too.” He said, “a Lost tail?” I’m like, “what?” “Oh yea,” he says… “Lost does a lot of them.”

I just slunked back into the darkness…

Nothing’s new in surfing NJ…haha