Which markers will not bleed if applied to rice paper?

Last year I had Kelly Slater and others autograph rice paper laminates for me. I had planned to put them on a board under the glass, of course. I never laminated them because many people told me I shouldn’t have used permanent marker. They said it would bleed. I still have the labels (Kelly Slater and Mike Parson). So, my question is, are there certain types of pens or markers I can use on rice paper that will not run when I glass them? Yeah, I know, I’m 34 and still act like a grom sometimes. But I don’t really follow pro surfing that often unless it’s close by (Trestles). Thanks guys.

Howzit Fairmont, Water based paint or pigment ink markers will work. You could also try spraying clear acrylic over permanent markers and laminating them. I’d try a test first, just draw something on rice paper with a magic marker, then spray on the acrylic, let dry real good and lam it to a piace of foam, No harm in trying. It’s the alcohol base in some markers that make them bleed. Aloha, Kokua

Mike, Scan your lam and reprint it with an ink jet. You get to keep your original and use the copy on any number of sticks you want. Magoo