which one?

Hi everyone I need some help, I want to get a new epoxy longboard (surftech), but cannot decide which one. I presently been using a 9’ about 3.25 thick fiberglass board, which works great, but I miss a lot of waves when it is small. I’ve been surfing for around a 1.5 years and have been going almost every morning to Barbers Point on Oahu. Waves get about 5-7 foot faces before they fall apart, Typical size wave in the summer. Easy wave not to step, although I would like to surf at tracks which is a faster and stepper weave. I don’t want a board that I will out grow in a year if that’s possible. The board’s I tried so far are: 1. Bear 9’ 6” classic catches waves real easy, but seems to be slow in the turns and in the wave. 2. French 9’ 6” HP doesn’t catch waves like the bear but faster and turns better 3. Yater doesn’t seem to catch waves as well as any of the boards but turns on a dime and seems to accelerate out of the turn. 4. Velzy, 10’ seem to catch waves easy but slow Any help will be greatly appreciated. One more question what fin set up should I get? Mahalo John .

John, forget about the popouts go with a custom from a local shaper, someone you can discuss what it is you are looking for in your surfboard. You wont pay as much for a custom if ordering from a little guy. Lots of good shapers on O’ahu, shapers that are very familiar with the spots you mentioned which will allow for an even more custom fit. Aloha, 808 shapes http://home.hawaii.rr.com/makani808shapes/

I hope this is a joke.