which side of rice paper?

Which side should i print on (home printer/ink jet)? Shiny smooth side or rougher dull side? I’m thinking shiny side? Seems like rough side would absorb more and lend to bleeding on the paper. Maybe i should just to some tests but i don’t have that much paper.


Shiny side…

Hey Hicksy, Howzit. ??

Have you ever made your own decals. ??

Do you know where to get the ricepaper. ??

Also , where do you get the special ink ( UV stabilsed suff ) to fit the printer. Or Do you need a special printer.

Heaps of people wanting to do there own art and stuff. This might be away around it.

Thanks heaps if you can help.


Do a search on this thread:Beginner’s Ink-Jet Rice Paper Laminates .

Thanks UncleD. Cheers Mate from downunder.


I make all my own ricies Samurai,

Oneula sent me a stack last year, I’ll never run out…

Just use a normal ink jet printer…

Try shoebox paper, that works too…