White Hot Foam Clearance

Ask for Darren in surfboard blanks: 805-983-4989

Unstringered presliced EPS foam as described by their catalog at http://www.whitehotfoam.com

You can also get the stringer material for an extra fee, but you have to glue it up yourself.

I just nabbed 6 for a super steal…I have no clue what I am going to do with these, but they are CHEEEEAAAAPPPPP


Good find Afoaf, great tip on this place in my own backyard. Definitely got to look into this. Thanks Heaps.

i have a heap of china neck ties i can sell you  eps is dead.

Mustkillbass, don't you have a rock to climb back under??

meh, I kind of like the EPS.


ps. I’ll probably run up there early next week to pick up. if any los angeles/san diego folks want me to pick up their foam for them and schlep it southward for you, just message me.

At Sacred Craft, I heard from Ernie from US blanks that USB had bought White Hot and would be distributing the foam. I know that USB had recently acquired Austins so this was news to me. I’m guessing that the reason for all this, since USB was already making molded EPS blanks, is that they will be able to offer a wider range of custom blank profiles than their molded offerings.  As far as I know, Pro Wall in AZ will still be making the billets.


ps. I'll probably run up there early next week to pick up. if any los angeles/san diego folks want me to pick up their foam for them and schlep it southward for you, just message me.



Swaylock's Stoke in action.....

I stalled...White hot is in Oxnard , I'm in San Marcos near San Diego....I'm not driving to Oxnard for foam....I send a pm to Afoaf...Maybe he can pick up the foam and I can go up to the L.A. area some day.......I place an order for two blanks...pay with my credit card...Afoaf is making things happen to get the blanks down to San Diego....un-real!!!! Share the Stoke!

Thanks Afoaf.....



He's going to have one hell of a pile of blanks. I added to the mess. Something like 5 blanks.

Sounds like a party when we meet.  I'll dress my seal up in lipstick.

I’m going to need a bigger truck…I think there are over 20 blanks to haul back.

Will be taking it nice and slow on PCH…running up early Monday morning.

What a mess when the wind catch's all that foam and blows out on the interstate......Grandma running down 30 blanks in her Ford Crown Vic..Little beads all over the place.



Anyone have a couple left in march that they don’t want I will be coming through

The phone rings early one morning...........Blanks making their way down the coast from Oxnard to San Diego...

 I thought Afoaf was going on vacation to San Diego......nope....he makes it seem so simple......Thanks for making it happen....

You are a good man Afoaf.....

My 2 longboard blanks got delivered to my work in Carlsbad on Friday afternoon.......By Resinhead.......

Tyler drove all the way down to San Clemete to drop off the blanks and Resinhead drove up from San diego to pick up the foam....You guys are awesome!!!

Thank you Tyler,,,Thank you Jay,,,,,

Gluing one up right now!!!!!!

What are you kidding me. I know you'd do the same thing for me,

Tyler, thanks for bring it down from up North.  tricky day that Friday before a 3 day weekend.  The freeway Godz were not on my side.........But seeing that the F-250 XL Seal Slayer 2000 tow vehicle...(with side pipes) doesn't like traveling faster than 50 mph it wasn't that big of a deal.   Actually that was a very long trip for the F-250 XL Seal Slayer 2000 tow vehicle. (with side pipes). It really had a chance to strech it's legs.  I was cruzing the fast lane at 45 mph....big V8 460 sound humming from the sidepipes, foam in the back....dreaming of the next 6 surfboards to be made. 

Life's good.

I am looking forward to seeing what becomes of these blanks…

I thought I smelled Seal Carcass (with side pipes).The SS2000 must run on seal oil, very environmentally sound,( with side pipes.)

ps, Side pipes aside, isn’t that 460 a Lincoln motor?

So you were those guys trading EPS blanks in the parking lot behind the Stewart shop.

Atomized....Was that you that I was talking to behind the F-250 XL Seal Slayer 2000 (with side pipes)  In a rusty brown configuration with dents & paint cancer?


And it wasn't trading...It was the bonding of foam obedience amongst mortal men.



Yeah, I was the guy eating the burrito asking if you guys had been to White Hot. You folks scored big!!

awww man, I shoulda had you drop a few off at my buddies place on Tamarak.  I need to make him a couple of freshies.  He’s about worn my old Loehr out.