white pinlines

shaping a board for my brother for his bday

yeh i know kinna lame

but w.e

so how would you go about doing pinlines

and can you make white pinlines?

First off yes you can do white. Next question. Lam up the board hot coat it and sand it down, make sure you sant it real good and go down to like 600 grit in the area where you are going to do your pin lines. Tape off your pin lines, make sure you use good tape that that green stuff that is make not to stick. Mix up some resin with white pigment, mix it kinda hot so the resin will kick fast. Pour it into the taped off grove that you made with your tape. Alow it to kick, just enough that it will stick good to the board. Now carefully pull off the tape, one side at a time. Watching to make sure that you don’t peel off the pin line. If the pin line starts to come up cut alone the tape with a sharpe blade. Let it set and gloss coat it. Some guys put two layers of tape down so that the pin line is thicker, but I think this leaves too much of a bump. Good luck.

Thanks for your help

i hope it turns out well

You could also just spray a white acrylic…

Posca makes a white pen, though I wasn’t too happy with the quality of the paint…


Some guys put two layers of tape down so that the pin line is thicker, but I think this leaves too much of a bump.

personally, i like the bump. a good resin pin is something to be proud of. i’m planning on a double resin pin with the board i’m doing now (twice as wide on the outside pin, and rather narrow on the inside pin). i’ll post pix when it’s done, but i like feeling that bump under the gloss. to many production shapers have stopped doing resin pins because it’s easier to just spray it. i want it done right!

Good pinstripes have a tactile feel as well as good looks.

Don’t forget to brush the whole pinline, from nose to tail, with a fine brush.

Resing pinlines of any color require finishing or glossing resin (can’t use lam resin unless surfacing agent is added) and pigment. Get some.

You gotta wetsand the hotcoat, I find that hand sanding with 220 grit is sufficient after a 60 grit sanding with the soft pad.

Use Scotch/3M masking tape with a “233” item number on it. No other tape that I know of will do.

Tape off the pin, then take a little bit of clear, catalyzed lam resin, smear in onto where the pinline will go. The lam resin will seal the tape edges. I smear it on with a finger, not heavy, but thoroughly rub it on. Let it set, then mix the pinline resin, making sure to get enough pigment in so it will actually be opaque.

I use a cheapo 1/2 inch brush to lay the pinline resin on, working a foot at a time, maintaining a wet edge, then one or two xontinuous strokes all the way around.

Pull the tape as soon as it’s brushed out, DO NOT WAIT.

Sags of pigmented resin can be partially avoided if the board is nearly level, but a resin pin most always can be felt through the finish coat. Careful final wet sandin and polishing can reduce the feel, but so what? there will be larger scabs of wax on the entire deck anyway.

i saw a guy sand the hotcoat down, a little deeper where he was going to put the pinlines. to do the pinlines he taped off where he was going to put them, mixed some waterbased acrylic painted it on & let it dry. once it was dry he brushed on some hotcoat resin over the paint he let that dry and sanded. turned out great. use whatever color you want this one was black on the deck and blue on the bottom. or using tinted resin would work also. what ever you want to do its up to you