Whiter than white

I was checking out a few boards the other day and noticed that some boards are ridiculously whiter than others. Can anyone tell me what they are doing to these boards that makes them so white and bright. I want to get some of that action.

if you were looking at molded boards it is from automotive paint. stuff that is very toxic to work with.

RR Resin can be that white.

Cheater white tint…

Are you talking clear boards that are white, or opague white boards?

Yes clear boards that are white. Not molded or Pigment tinted baords.

The ones I remember being really white were Lost I had to put my sunglasses on they were that bright.

The foam blank is sprayed white. I forgot the brand name, Fiberglass Hawaii has it and I have seen it advertised in surfamags. You spray the blank and the any added colors or colored laminates really pop out. Never heard about any one getting retina burn from looking at it though.

boards made with RWG glass tend to be whiter… it was made to make boards whiter because people thing whiter is lighter, oh except black carbon…

Aerialite by RWG. Whiter than white. Check out the ad in Oct. Surfer, page 193. McDing

Silamr has 2 types of resin for surfboards. One is the older standard, that has a faint greenish hue. A newer resin has optic enhancers, used mainly for clears and sanded finishes, comes out much whiter that the regular

rwg stands for really white glass made by hexcell aerialite is made by bgf. they add a blueing agent to the resin as blue hues make whites look brighter along with speciality cloths

Syntec is a type of glass ? cloth? that a couple of board makers use . It makes the board real white. Also Improves the strength without much weight . I forget the specs . But it is real lightweight and acts like a lot heavier glass . Also is Pure white… Aloha, Don

I saw an add in surfer about aerlight cloth or something, was supposed to be like twice as clear.

“purple resin”

Yep, the purple is the Silmar with the optical enchancers that Jim mentioned. This is what Lost’s glasser’s locally here use.

…I was using BGF Aerialite in the last 100 boards…the cloth arent whiter than Hexcel…

…some resins dont have UV inhibitors…due to that brownish color tends to appear when the board have several months…

its called optical brightner added to any poly resin

Also don’t forget that we don’t catalyse the “purple resin” (UV). We get the boards so white its insane. Also Clark changed their formula a little while back so that helped immensely with the whiteness.

When we started using the new whiter blanks and purple resin it looked like you were carrying an unglassed blank under your arm when you were walking down the beach.


that stuff is crazy eh bro… boards have a blue hue for a 3-5 weeks while they cure- then the difference with the old is astonishing, my glasser is using it too…new formula"silmar" resin

apparantly it doesnt go as hard as quick tho.

i think some oz crew are mixing it half half with dion, dont know what mixing 2 diff formulas of resin does?! prob nothing

… i know that my glasser wants to tone it back tho, aswell… coz the boards look so odd up in the showroom, for their first few weeks

it only shows up looking odd, over white boards (all blanks here sprayed white with dulon before glassing anyway)

the blue hue is not noticable at all over, say, an all yellow sprayjob


“…they add a blueing agent to the resin as blue hues make whites look brighter along with speciality cloths…”

I’ve used silmar resin only, since my fist board.

After 7 years , my white board is brown now.

"the blue hues makes whites look brighter " …sounds like a good ad for laundry detergent , to me !!

One of the most mindless ads I’ve ever seen is a woman saying …" I don’t think my toilet is REALLY clean , unless it’s blue " . moronic , eh ?? [the product , strangely enough , is called …

wait for it …


Maybe the follow-up ad for surfers could be :

… “Blue Loo Surfboards …” for drawing really clean lines in the bowl " …?

or, maybe …

… “cut through the crap …use a Blue Loo Surfboard !”


they add it to wash detergent also, say “TIDE”