Who Da Guy?

Sways related. Name the guy on the left.

I know!

Bet ya do, Mike!


Yep. Got all three of them.

Who’s the girl?


I believe it’s Propper’s (the guy on the right) then girlfriend.

Wife. Jana.

Formerly Jana Frye. Don’t know if she’s related to Skip

I LOLed at Cleanline’s answer to BillT’s post just above his.

“Who’s the girl?”



I was talking about the dude on the left. Wasn’t that the original question?

ironic juxtaposition

This is swaylocks - original question?  We don’t read that far back, too much work LOL

hahaha, I know Cleanlines…

just reading down through the posts, it made me laugh

i was just kiddin"…anyway is the dude on the left Loehr or not?

is it you ?