Who is Paul Cole anyway?

Hey I’m sold…where can I buy a Fat Peguin. I think I just give up on shaping and glassing. Can you send me one in about a 8’0"-8’6" for some 2x to 3x overhead surf?? I’d just love to experiment in some 3x overhead surf. -Donkey Drowning Haloe

Did you know KR ZOLOFT are prescribed for post natal depression, bad stuff itll mess with your head, youll start singing village people songs ! The only thing I have ever threatened here at this BB is the status quo … http://www.geocities.com/wunderboyi/ninetysixpercent.html

If your product is so different to ours then why dont you do branch off like the boogers have done and not try to compare your product and thoughts to ours. Start your own BB of how to levitate above the water. I see it like this,some people like to go surfboard riding, some people like to go bike riding, you want to go fluid gliding, its a different sport to ours (like jetskiing) so be truely pioneering and hunt down the new sport BB’s for some like-minded self proclaimed super brains or con artists for disciples. KR

Your response had merit and poise untill… " for some like-minded self proclaimed super brains or con artists for disciples." This just shows your frusration and lets people see you are not as cool, calm, collected as you aspire…Put me in my place a build a FP with feedback from PC, he would do that for you…and the plans are free…ride it in different types of swell and with different fin configs show me you know what you are talking about. Go back to the drawing board KR…and try some witt. Not ZOLOFT !! http://www.geocities.com/wunderboyi/ninetysixpercent.html

Hows this … fuckWIT

Very WITTY ! lol But again you give away your emotional position. Success in an argument relies that you, keep your cool…this will allow your mind to be free to adapt…tenseness will hinder thoughtfully thoughtless reactions, and you will have doubt and make slower moves…without tenselessness you are a captive of you own reactionary state… It has been said Modern man lives in an Emotionaly Driven Society…In my opinion this is the reason why we are so easily castrated as men and pushed into conflict…most men are raised by women and have no formal initiation into adulthood…this leaves very large gaps in the social stucture of men…most men are raised in an over emotionalised conditions and this will setup a rejection of emotions and create a hardened persona that avoids emotional situations particularly involving women…If men are raised soley by women they learn to deal with their emotions like women…there is a lack of male role models in society who have been raised by their fathers since the era of WWII…What is it to be a man in this day and age? There are so many answers to that one, its hard to know if theres any answers at all… Try to make your reactions seem from the heart, practice this pretend you can and you will eventually be the master of it… I know you are a good person KR and Im proud to be an associated swaylokian and a member of the human race, because of people like you ! Philisophicly yours T.E. http://www.geocities.com/wunderboyi/ninetysixpercent.html