Who is Paul Cole anyway?

HI there, Paul built his first board at the age of 14 at home in the backyard in the sun. It was a 7’4" diamond tail that was 19 1/2" wide. This was considered short and radical at the time. Then Paul got orders for 12 of these boards from friends at school. He charged $120(1966). Without outside help he accomplished this, a very fast learning curve. At this same time Paul noticed a friend standing up on a 6’4" Scott Dillon twin fin belly board with flippers on at Cronulla Point.(1966) This event insprired Paul to experiment with short boards. After 4 years of building boards at home “Bobby Brown” landed Paul a job with “Gordon and Smith”. Pauls first commercial success was with a 7’6" Pin Nosed rounded pintail (chrome yellow) this boards template shape was taken from a “Spit Fire” wing chord, it generated 300 orders that summer a short board at the time was 9’2". At this time Paul parents where discusted with him for leaving Quantas Airline, after winning a position there out 15,000 people. He was one of thirty that were selected to train as “Flight Engineers” for the new Jumbo Jets.(1969) 1970 Paul started to work for “Gordon and Smith & Surfboards Australia” for Larry Gordon and Floyd Smith it then changed ownership to Terry Hamill and then things got realy interesting. It gave Paul his own head to pursue short board design as Terry gave Paul free materials once a month to experiment with. A List of experimental boards. Midget Farrely - side slipper Dave Nuiva - short twin fins High Speed Pintail bells beach (it went to fast) Diamond tails Fish Tails Offset tails V-bottoms and concaves Hard rails, tail lift. This basicly went on for four years of research. Giving Paul a depth of knowledge of how things worked. 1974 Paul designed a custom shape for Tom Carrol. Early years Pro circuit. 1974 - 75 G&S was sold to investors who then instructed Paul to shape nothing else but this design,he soon left (boredom). Pauls next job was designing and track testing extractors for cars and bikes (1975). Lots more story to go, youre up against a guy with 80% above average IQ for engineering be in touch ! http://www.geocities.com/wunderboyi/ninetysixpercent.html

Just another bright Aussie groping about. theyre a dime a dozen mate. Too bad Mr.Cole wasnt there with Bob McT to witness Greeno surfing his shorties back in '64. Angourie and Noosa. Mightve given Paulie some much need focus, eh?

Your really good at throwing out numbers (most likely without the data to back it up)… 80% above average IQ, for engineering - whatever that means. Hmmmm… I think you’ll find that 80% of engineers have “above average IQ’s”. Luckily, most of us realize this, as we also realize that IQ tests involve puzzles and logic - what we’re good at, or we wouldn’t be engineers. Really an IQ test is nothing more than that, a high score only says that your good at taking IQ tests. I’m sure there’s several here at Swaylocks. As both an engineer and fellow Mensan, I can see that I would probably like Paul Cole… usually Mensans are reserved and prefer to sit in the background and watch. You are obviously not one of those.

Bravo Rook! That explains why Paul Cole has a spokesman sporting an IQ which is 80% below average! The perfect synthesis for a board like the FP!

Ditto rook; well said…

Oh my god, you are an Aussie, how embarasment. KR

Live it down guys…The board is not going to go away it been a 15 year initiative from an over qualified shaper…YOu should be hearing more about it soon enough! Testing is over for us, but is just starting for the rest of the world… Ive given the reasons why you cant buy them and the reasons why there arent hundreds of them… At this point 4 large manufactures are testing if we have the goods…They cant just ignore the possibility of a more efficient design… So from being persistant I have drawn the attention of the big players and they are like every other big player out there…give me everything for nothing…We expected this, hence the reason for posting protoype info, to show we are not interested in monopolies…it also makes it risky to copy if we are holding out…and we are…what you see at the web site is only 1/3 of the complete reaseach material… I suppose you will find obvious flaws In our approach, but how many of you now know theres a new design in town! http://www.geocities.com/wunderboyi/ninetysixpercent.html

May you get everything you deserve.

thanks for Paul Coles resume, maybe one day he’ll be famous and we’ll all care. I’ve got something for Paul and T.E. come and get it!

ignore HalSose, he’s overweight and bloated in his opinion of himself.

ah, that’s not me posting that…

Never mind, I forgot.

Yeah I think that such an attractive surfboard will be so popular it will sweep the surfing world by storm and everyone will be riding one. Only time will tell, see you in 5 years.

The thing with your marketing stratedgy is that it’s all wrong, because of the way that you have portrayed yourself to a large range of surfboard enthusiests (you being annoying and all), I am sure that when some one does see a FP in the line up they will think of you and take it out on the sucker who bought your dribble. KR

Hmm just gave your words about 1.3 seconds worth of thought…you are saying in other words people are generaly stereo types who are programmed by their favourite marketing campaign…Which marketing campaign do you subcribe to KR… Y.M.C.A now let me tell you about the Y.M.C.Aaaa ONly joking KR, you need not to post and you will be safe…lol Current boards are planing surf forms…whereas FP are fluid gliders… Another simple comparison of the two…Thruster = kite, relies on surface area for performance. FP = glider, performance relies on directing flow to achive lift. Result is by using subproducts you can predetermine flow to achive required outcomes…controlled, stable, fast boards that can turn in 1/2 their own length…More speed more Air, longer floaters, more waves more tubes more fun. Who here has had a motorbike? you start with the smaller size and work your way up right, you get used to the bike and the extra power and speed, but you will notice at higher levels of performance you need to use the brakes more…FP are no different you need to tail stall on the occasions when you are going “mach” and you want to suddenly turn, otherwise you will not make it although the board can…Speed gravity inertia splat your bouncing of the water like you have had a water skiing accident. PLease dont be a stereotype and hassle out people with Volvos… http://www.geocities.com/wunderboyi/ninetysixpercent.html

Its 10 combined bottom contures that create the prinical of surfing evolution… It slices, it dices, its the fastest thing in the water, its the combined effort of 30 years of grassroots surfing knowledge from masterful engineer Paul cole ladies and gentlemen,…its the Fat Penguine. How much would you pay…ten thousand…five thousand… No ladies and gentlemen, you can have all of this for a mere 1500$+shipping and handling… call now and have your visa or mastercard ready… You missed the last revolution, be there for the FP revolution expect three to six weeks shipping time. Ha ha

… jeez is this FP thing STILL going on? Check the archives it’s running on what, 2 or even 3 years!!! It could be worse, you could’ve designed the Gemini Speed Freak … check www.longboardhouse.com and go to the boardroom … you won’t believe it!

Yes- and this is how I envision it: a battle to the bloody end between the Gemini (Godzilla type, pointy points) and the poor but annoying FP (Mothra type). Scene: total carnage, much mayem, dust flying, impaled FP foam pieces and fiberglass shards everywhere. Gemini, now pointless and prostrate, gasping from inhaling toxic FP gas. When the dust clears both are goners, dead, only distant bad memories. Happy school children in uniforms once again smiling and skipping, singing merrily on their way to Tokyo classes. It’s a wrap.

dont threaten me dickhead, cause I’m as pshycotic as you are and I will hunt you down KR Oops better take another Zoloft.

Tubedog - that was the best response yet! I’d pay to see that …