Who shaped the Windansea Surfboards around 1967

I picked up an old windansea board a few weeks ago. I am guessing a 1967 judging by the bahne bolt in flex fin. serial # 856. Flat rocker , pinched rails, reminds me a lot of my cooperfish. I surfed it last night - it was really fun.

tried to look up through my usual places any info i could find on windansea boards, couldn’t really find much but I did find a story about Chuck Hasley , who officially organized the club, then went on to open a shop with Mike Hynson in the mid 60’s. was Hynson one of the shapers ??? or does anyone know who shaped their boards around that time ???

I think Wayne Land shaped a few.He was in Florida in the mid 60’s and went back west.

Neither Hasley, or Hynson, had anything to do with the Windansea Surfboard Co. Windansea Surfboards had a shop in Huntington Beach, and one in North Mission Beach, in San Diego. I don’t remember who the principles were. They were not a force in the local surf scene, at that time. I have a friend that used to work in their showroom. I’ll be seeing him this weekend at the Windansea Luau, and I’ll ask if he knows who the shapers were.

Bob Clayberger…as best to my knowledge.

Hey Bill, do Bear and Nick Mirandon come to mind?


Re: Mirandon bros. At that time they were DBA Surfboards La Jolla. I spoke to my friend Terry Hall, that had worked for them, and he could not recall who shaped the boards. There is an OUTSIDE chance that it may be one of the Turner brothers, that also worked for G&S.

They did not have any of the known, or ‘‘name’’ shapers, working for them. If they did Terry would have remembered. Aloha.




I’ll contact Hoy Runnels, he may remember who worked at WindanSea Surfboards back then… Seems that I remember he work there at sometime in the late 60’s… Let you know what I come up with… See you Sat… By the way 16 Sept 06 SAt. is the Wavecrest Woodie meet at Moonlite Beach, 200-300 Woodies on display…

Terry Aka “Ollie”

thanks to everyone !!!

I am really impressed with all the responses and I am looking forward to any information that anyone finds out.



According to a copy of Sam Ryan’s 60’s Surfboard Collector and price guide, the following names pop up:

Owner: Bob Wilder

Team Riders: Joe Severson, Pat Hallahan, Rick Wallace, Craig Culpepper, Brian Test.

Shapers: Richard Joly, Geoffery Logan, Head Shaper: Larry Bailey

Spanning the period from 1966-1969

That is certainly a list of A one shapers. Some of them still can be listed as great today


KUDOS !! I knew both Joly, and Geoff Logan. Geoff was a talented guy. He had glassed for Yater, at his Carlsbad shop around 1962. Thank you for kick starting my memory.

edit: For the 1967 year, the most likely shaper was Geoff Logan.

I don’t think that includes the boards built in HB.


did clayberger shape in HB ?


I wanted to compliment you on a gorgeous board that you shaped that I saw the day I picked up the windandsea. I organize surf gear swap meets up here in Pacifica / Santa Cruz, anyways this last one I did was in the parking lot of the Log Shop in Pacifica. I saw Andrew who was telling me about a board that you shaped that was inside the shop, we went in and put in on the rack, I was really impressed with the quality and craftmanship, plus Andrew said it fly’s , surf’s like a dream … I was also taken by a two -tone red tint board that you also shaped that I think was the show stopper. Thanks for your input above…

Stefanie - whose last name is also Phillips.


Out back behind the shop.