Who took away my props??

Was surprised to see that the previously credited props, vanished. Anyone have an idea what happened, or is happening? (Was I a bad boy?)

there is a new guy in the prop room

he has been rearranging things

I think he may have put them

on the shelf between the scimitar

and th broad ax in the sword locker.

he completely lost my galoshes

my rock and roll car coat

and my propeller beenie.

I am a little pee o’d

but I can always get

more galoshes …


some times if you tip him

a box of jujubees

he can find the stuff

in a couple days.

I just hope he can find

'em before you have to shoot

the scene where you knock

the outlaw from his horse

and tumble into the arroyo.

those silver pistolas and snake skin

holsters always make the scene .