Who's coming to Kauai

Howzit Fellow Swaylockians, I was thinking it we should get an idea of just who and how many of you are coming to Kauai for the relief party. So far I know Keith and Ghunt are coming but it make planning some what easier if we knew who was going to show up. All those coming pleas reply. Aloha,Kokua

There’s Tuna and Proneman as well.

Howzit Greg, Good to know that, I talked with Charlie from Hanalei Surf Co about selling raffle tickets at the longboard contest the 16th & 17th and he gave me the OK. so we should be able to raise some more $. See ya when you get here. Aloha,Kokua

Aloha, I haven’t had many post, but I have been enjoying this great resource for some time now. Anyways, It just so happens that I will be on Kauai from the 11th till the 25th and I am interested in what you guys have going on. I did not see any other post regarding this, so please any info, dates etc. would be great. I would enjoy meeting some of the people who have virtually taught me how to build the five boards that have come out of my garage.

I am still trying to arrange a reasonably priced place to stay for me and my wife. I had thought about a small tent under a palm on the beach…but she is over those days!!

Lets start praying now for surf as this time of the year seems to be hit or miss.



There’ll be a gathering for the raffle drawing on Saturday, April 23 at Lydgate Beach Park. Hope you can make it. Continue to check the “Event’s and Happenings” forum. Proneman, I’ve always had good luck finding rentals online. Let me know if I can assist.

We’ve rented cars for as low as $13.00 / day on Kauai through internet bidding sites.

just got notice that the big clean-up happening of the spring is on the same day in the morning of the 23

IIf any body feels civic this 'll be happening too…

check w/me friday night for the paddle run potential & how the conditions will be shaped up for east side surf man this is really happening


Howzit Josh, That means you’ll get here tomorrow. Give me a call at 826-4555 so we can meet. You’ll be here for both our Longboard contest at Pine Trees and the Tsunami party. Aloha,Kokua

 Howzit Greg, I thought the drawing was on Friday the 22nd but it makes no differece when we have it. Looks like we need to find a place for proneman and his wife to stay. Aloha,Kokua

Howzit Proneman, What are the dates you and your wife will be here. How much can you spend for lodging, I can look into it for you or you can check the internet for kauai vacation rentals. One thing is there’s really not a lot of tourists around right now since spring break is over and the summer crowds haven’t hit yet, this means there;s quite a few openings for rent. Aloha,Kokua

Tuna has a Condo…he is pretty small so just take over the place and make him sleep out in the car.

Oh Yeah, got my lodging dialed in. Thanks to Kokua, Ambrose, E-pac. Ghunt, Greg Liddle, Kirk Putnam,Keith Melville, Tuna for help and suggestions. Be there Friday, Sat. and Sun.