Who's got the Lighter Fluid?

Is it not time for a freaking SURFBOARD SACRIFICE??? Putnam, you better put a double lock on the garage door…the wolves are circling. I’m thinking Skip put something in the water so he wouldn’t feel bad rehabing.

explain yourself

Gee guys, the toxic fumes from those foam boards are really bad,


Grab woodies!

Better be careful that no one reads “Surfer sacrifice” I think that they used to do that around here.:wink:

…without Zappa deviation is not possible…ambrose…general in the growing army of dyslexix preparing the world for take over {to cook on the other side} skip didnt do anything he just knew it was gonna be flat so why not rest up…in my neighborhood the surf ,wind swell hasn’t stopped for weeks,is perf "junk’surf ’ ect

Ahhhhh…one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

No need for sacrafice here, waves are fine. Could have used one a week ago though.

Wind Direction (WDIR): NNW ( 330 deg true ) Wind Speed (WSPD): 13.6 kts Wind Gust (GST): 13.6 kts[/url] Wave Height (WVHT): 4.6 ft Dominant Wave Period (DPD): 6 sec Atmospheric Pressure (PRES): 30.01 in Pressure Tendency (PTDY): +0.00 in ( Steady ) Air Temperature (ATMP): 60.6 °F Water Temperature (WTMP): 53.6 °F

I’ll burn one. Man, we are hating.

Sorry it’s so flat… I’ll take the hit, no prob.

I understand Tues /Wed might be more to your liking.


In love w/ the night nurse.

Thanx my man. Hope you are getting some.

Lee hang in there, the only thing getting me thru is my new boat project. Skips right make time for next week. PS resin pinlines are they fun or what?

I just got out of the water at Malibu…nice sunset and a high tide left off the top of first point. Had a blast. Questionable whether Tuesday will be as much fun when the manic masses show up trying to get some satisfaction.


I came thru SC(Surf City)thursday 8/5, it was flat at dawn, on to the Oregon border. Nice and glassy. Small (waist to shoulder high thru the weekend. Nice gathering of the Tribes at Pacific City contest. Got to meet, talk story and have beers with arguably the best shaper residing in Oregon. Cort Gion formally of the North Shore. Nice guy, nice family and Oregon surfers are fortunate to have such a talent residing year round within their fair state. McDing PS I torched an old log a few years ago at Oceano. The Rangers freaked. Good thing my kook bros didn’t rat me out. It looked like Chernobyl. Up in smoke. HD

droptrow…it’s amazing how there is always surf in O-side but just down the way it’s completely flat… was fairly fun all week…

Ride some for me…by Tuesday I should be two days into a cross country drive that won’t get me any closer than 500 miles to salt water.

EL EE vee/thou art on the geologic wave safari cruising the tarmac up and over the crests of standing waves that have been slowly forming and breaking as the higher densities of firma beneath block the oncoming waves… the tribe of the viscous web salutes your sacrifice leaving the waves that come because of your absence. The vacum of your departure brings waves and all that partake of their glory owe you the deepest gratitude along with a few you missed it stories short of making you cry,and a few waves to yourself on your return…ambrose…the salt water never leaves you as it fills your veins like it does the pacific

Lee- forget about the stuff in Kp’s garage-what REALLY needs to be sacrificed is his boat he just picked up, at a price that’s not worth mentioning( cause there ain’t one)- THAT’S the real scarifice that will get the wave gods a rollin’!!!

They sell it to us …Then they want to buy it back from us…and then they want to bust us for selling it to them. Ice-T

I’m just another soldier causin’ doom …don’t like to bang…but I like to wound…my enemy.Sir Mix O Lot

This is my life,

                GOOD OR BAD, 

hos,pips,drugs,guns,death,and a FAST blade, wanna trade???bet not WIPPY…either I surf or I FIGHT,life’s short ,time flies…I can see them all say good bye…as my crosshairs focus…it all seems to me, a bit bogus…bye…Herb


You really know how to brighten the day…!!!..

Thanks for sharing…


Let’s you know how close,far away is…too close!


…I’ll think on that one…wonder? hummm what was first use as the sacrifice?

…A day brightened is a day completed.Herb

Nothing ventured,nothing gained