Why do you post to Swaylocks?

I post to learn more about glassing.

And to show off my latest art work.

It’s all for fun!


Being the world’s best designer, shaper, glasser, artist, …, I thought it was just fair to help all of you poor ignorants a bit…

Now, thanks to me, you know that pointed-nose surfboards go faster.

im trying to compensate for something obviously missing in my life



cause i wanna learn how make a kick ass board that makes me and selected friends surf like kelly slater


cause surfers are intelligent insightful people…and really interesting to watch arguing over which resin is the best yada yada yada

um this is quite simply the greatest Internet forum in the universe

i post here abouts to vent my desire to entertain and learn to type on this here keyboard.

surfing is my passion and I believe that I just dont quite fit into the standard mouldy jello encampment.

I believe that my insigghts can help other skewed awarenesses achieve greater achievements

without kow-tow-ing to the commercial mudslide.

the off center avante guard and unaffected inspired true of heart still seem to gather here without restraint

and continue to share…

some how its hard to shake that we are being manipulated by a higher corperate entity draining off valuable information and

exploiting such somehow ,and soon we all [participants ]will recieve large amounts of anonymus money for continued research and to pay the garbage bill that is 6 months overdue as well as the taxes due next week and maybe some groceries …

gosh I seem to do just about everything to get groceries and tax money …

except when I go surfing and make new boards I dont always get grocery money for that

and the anonymus money never seems to show up

where the heck is that guy in the suit from JOHN BARESFORD TIPTON

who gives out a million dollar check as long as you dont tell anybody where you got it

maybe I just like talking to my SELF what is much greater than my physical self


and I never had such a great group of syblings as yous guys

cuz you love it when i talk dirty to you…


…oops gotta run wife’s callin’


I post because…I need to fire your stoke. …

"ready …

aim …

FIRE !!! " […your stoke"] …

thanks mate , I LOVE IT ! [New signature , comin’ right up …eat here , or takeaway ? …" FLAME grilled " , perhaps ??]


We probably crossed paths a few times then in tournaments. I too was (WAS) a jumper in Mens I and Mens II (max 140). Started in about '78. Skied at the Santa Clara County Water Ski Club and then after college moved to Sac. Now ski at Bell Acqua, but just slalom (Mens IV!). Speaking of Suyderhoud - just skied with him about 1 month ago.



I come here for the board building information and the photos of Brazilian women in tiny swim suits. Mike

let’s keep it international eh ?

here comes a german …

i post on sways as an outlet , gota brain that never switches off …

at least here if i start rattling off design and theory , construction and insights that my brain keeps throwing at me , at least it doesnt go to waste …

i know its going to a good home …

plus its a great place for feedback and is a melting pot of everything surfing …

but most of all ,the moderators do a great job of keeping everything on a higher plane , theres a great vibe , and some of the most talented crew throwing some kool new concepts into the pot …



and , the age range here seems broader than elsewhere , too, I’ve noticed !

Great to have the deathfrogs and joshs of this world here , full of boundless enthusiasm and energy , right through to the Bill Thrailkills [and older lurkers] … it’s a varied , GOOD family , I reckon ! [pisses on mine , anyway]


For fun… to get/give info…mostly to gain new ideas and learn…and give back if I can…good vibe mostly…can’t think of a better subject to read/discuss…for the stoke…have fun…

I’m new here, and I’m also landlocked. So I’m a kayaker that builds his own toys. I have a friend from colorado ask me to help him with a surf board. Since I build my own stuff I have been searching for truth in surfing both river and ocean. I’ve been looking at surf design for about 6 years, and when my friend asked me to help him with a board I was all over it. Just finished my first board last month and will be headed out to San O next week to give it a try. Been paddling it on the local water source to get used to it. Hope I can get up and ride while I’m there.

Haven’t posted much yet. Still seeking and absorbing info. I was looking to surf designs because surfers have been at it longer and I figured an open mind is the best way to approach things. And kayak manufacturers are just now waking up to what is possible. Also plastic sucks as a surf craft!

Hope to learn more and as I see things I can contribute to I will.



I post b/c I used to work for a shop that told me I couldn’t make my own boards, they would never work. So I took #001 down to Costa this year and may I say, IT WORKED GREAT!!!

I also post b/c you guys keep me stoked to be a surfer that builds his own boards.

#1 is pictured…

Oops, there we go.


Hey Pinhead,

When I found Swaylocks, I was born again. It gave me a refreshment in my mind like never before. I was sort of stagnated in my own ideas, and this meeting has served to shake my thoughts. More than simply trying to help people, I’m always learning something new or reviewed through smart, sometimes wise, eyes of great persons. A simpliest question can create a whole thread of infinite level. It’s amazing and I expect to follow in this forum for a long long time…

  • because it is a unifying force on the planet

  • because I am a symbiote

  • because I’ll never write “Moby Dick” or its modern equal

  • because I’m running out of good movies to watch

  • because I can’t surf 24 hours a day

  • and really, because no one here is ever argumentative, sarcastic, egotistical, close-minded, hostile, or nasty. Are they?

… off to see the lizard…

I’m relatively new to surfing, and when I found swaylocks I finally found a source to understand surfboards better (if you just ask around, on the beach or in surfshops, the answers are allover the place).

then of course, since you guys make it sound soooo easy…I got addicted.

My problem is living in an apartment, and no garage, therefore I was only able to shape when my wife and kid were away on vacation.

Now I’m here locked with all my thoughts and ideas for boards I’d like to shape, and can’t do a thing…

not to mention a proken nose that keeps me out of the water…

well, thanks a lot guys :frowning:

no seriously this forum is awesome, and I don’t post much because there’s so much to read that I don’t have enough time left: I’m already far behind with work.

thanks (this time for real)