Why do you post to Swaylocks?

Why do you post to Swaylocks? I post becuase I’ve gotten so much from this forum I feel I have to give back. Three years ago I knew next to nothing about surfboards. I just knew I wasn’t happy with the ones I had, then I found Swaylocks and now I only ride my own shapes. In fact I almost feel guilty that my contributions don’t add a fraction of the worth of the posts of the masters and mad genius’ (you know who you are), especially lately, because Sways is actually facilitating innovation as well as communicating collective knowlege. Anyway that’s me - what about the rest of you?

because [now] I’m addicted .

Because I want to learn stuff .

Because there are some experts here .

Because I like to know what’s going on world wide .

Because I’ve got too much time on my hands, and too many photos to get rid of

Because most people here are really cool

Because it’s good to share stuff

Because it’s funny at times

Because I like checking out different designs

Because one day I will get a life … until then , sways has kinda become a substitute . The method own of surfing , if you like !

because … I wanna , I can , I like to , it’s there , it’s free …

'Cause I’m bored and have little else to do at nights and early mornings.

I like to piss people off with stupid snide comments and constant bragging with no useful information offered, I like to steer posts into many and varied directions, and I like to see how many people can really believe a person can live his life as he wants, without letting full time work or obligations get in the way.

I also post on windsurfing, tennis, kitesurfing, and even once on bicycle forums. Oops, forgot river kayaking.

Lucky for all you nice peeps, there’s no forums for waterskiing, motocross, roadracing, hanggliding (deltadartin for me), or skin diving .

Because most of the time it’s flat in england and of course it’s good to learn from the wealth of experience that’s on here. Oh forgot, i like chippers photos.


i like chippers photos.

just for you then , KS

…my latest avatar was filmed in the North Sea .

I’m just so sad that the sound effects and motion wouldn’t work , for some reason .

…hopefully though , the photo gives you a fair idea what’s going on …a young english lad , “ripping” … flat day fun , indeed !!


I lurked in the background for a year. reading info day and night, literally. i joined cuz kokua said i should and because i wanna be a “coelacanth” someday…

but really, i’m addicted to this board building thing. Its awesome that the guys here that are pros and really do know something are so helpful without making others feel stupid. Its a very cool thing.

and I want to be an enthusiast …

you could be an enthusiastic coelacanth. but you cant go backwards. forum rules

you will need to speak to the MODERATOR about that.

I post because…I wanna ride my own shapes. After 30+ years of surfing sometimes you need to fire your stoke. My last major “stokeage” was switching from longboards to a 6’2" fish. I’ve beat the hell out of that board. The price for a new one is just nuts so why not build my own? I did not lurk for long and signed up. The knowledge I’ve gathered from you all is almost ready to be put to planer and foam. Thanks to all of you here and in the archives!

I also like the photos and silly stuff that goes on as well! Who knows, someday I may not be a newbie…

…like most of you I wanted to ride my own shapes and share the love I have for shaping and surfing with everyone. Not to mention I’ve meet some awesome people here who’ve expanded my knowledge 10 fold. Thanks guys.


  1. Because the Warden won’t let us have girls. 2) I got blood on my new clown costume, so they took away all my sharp objects, and left me was this laptop.


  1. Because the Warden won’t let us have girls. 2) I got blood on my new clown costume, so they took away all my sharp objects and left me with this laptop.


Howzit pinhead, Build it and they will come. I post to help those in need of direction and to pass on tips and tricks of the trade.Aloha,Kokua


Oh, but there are some great waterski discussion forums frequented by competitive and non-competitive skiers. Of the main two, one is full of flaming, useless posts mostly and the other is more civilized, but pretty boring.

Sway’s is by far the most positive, helpful, cool, intelligent forum I’ve ever been on.


I as well post to give something back to such a great community. I don’t post often as my surfboard knowledge base isn’t that large. However I will post up when it is something I have learned and I’m able to pass it along. Knowledge is a powerful weapon and I’m glad to see it wielded so well here.

I only post when I have some knowledge to share, or have a question…okay, once in a while when I have an opinion also.

Great place to exchange ideas and learn about board construction. Good spirit here 95% of the time.

I come here to surf, share, and learn. (It’s the best surf I get around here!!)

Lucky for me, I occupied a really small and tight knit niche in my waterskiiing days.

I was a Mens11 jumper, competing in most of the events in California and Nevada, never going over 108’, but hardly ever getting upsidedown out of shape hit the side of the ramp type tricks.

Was an expert ramp sander, polisher, and waterer too! Sanded and watered for some of the best…Syderhound, LaPoints, Maple, Danneman, DuVall’s, and many more in practice at the BerkeleyWaterSkiClub in DiscoverBay.

I come here for the board building information and the photos of Brazilian women in tiny swim suits. Mike