Why doesn't Clark Foam simply blow blanks that are to EXACT specifications?

What I mean is: Why doesn’t simply make blanks that are finished shapes. Oh, I realize one would have to sand off the lines from the seams and, perhaps, patch a spot or two, but all that would really have to be done is to take a piece of sand paper and sand it a little. No shaping required.

Understandably, this would only work in a general way. Obviously we are all different shapes and sizes/skill levels, so we all love custom boards. However, as Surftech has shown (outsourcing scoundrels), one size-fits all has a little bit of merit. There are some designs (some longboards, most fun boards, a few standard shortboards) that can be used by anyone.

So, again, I suggest that Clark simply make molds that reflect the finished product. Does that seem logical? Is it theoretically doable? Is it ethical? Profitable? Logical?

you can do it as you say but…

the finite shape from the mold is what the molding guys are doing,it has been done and the boards of that method sold well in drug stores and supermarkets …perhaps just the venue for the new molded boards…

Maybe for the reason that Home Depot doesn’t sell carpets pre-cut for your living room.

No offense, but that sounds kind of boring…no actual SHAPING involved? Why not just go buy a board?? Have fun…

Hey, if they can’t sell t-shirts to any customer do you THINK that they could blow foam exactly??


I wonder how fast they’d shut down unofficial T-shirt production? hummmmmm…

You should have seen the blanks around 1963.You would have 12 inches of foam on the floor before you even started shaping.Nowadays its one pass top and bottom and turn the rails.A little Hitachi Planer would last about a day. RB

I believe that it was Clark & Hobie’s original intention to mold to the finished shape, and then go straight to glassing with out the blank being touched by a shaper.

But they couldn’t get a good enough finish on the blanks.


Maybe for the reason that Home Depot doesn’t sell carpets pre-cut for your living room.


Sweet!! That is so funny!

I just found out that the blanks are moulded with the bottom up making it stronger with more dense foam than the deck. Seems stupid but i think they do it to get more consistancy in the nose and tail sections

The reason they don’t mold them so that no shaping is required is because each blank expands unequally in very small increments after being taken out of the mold. The rate of expansion is dependant on temperature and humidity.

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