Why the change in homepage layout?

The emphasis now is on World Surf news and the Marketplace rather than the discussion board. Or is my browser screwed up?

You’re right. The discussions are primary. And the news is often a little irrelevant and unfocused. Just a Google news feed that can republish the same article many times in a weeks time. Most people probably just link directly to the discussion threads and bypass the whole homepage. Usually a indication of what is most important. Rob Olliges

OK. I eat Cuban food, I boycott movies because I think they should give away Cooperfish rather than Evolutions, I’m happy that Bethany has bounced back, I promise to support the Big Island economy, I’ll go buy some Rusty products…now how 'bout you change it back. That, or change the header at the top to read Swaylocks Surfboard News and Marketplace.

I cl;icked on the greg Noll story ,they wanted me to join somthing ,I got scared of spam///I clicked on some more stories Cuba Cuba…no music …I like the music…click…nope …click …nah… click …scroll…no …how would we say jenny Sacajuweeya?..Its nice to think that we might have somthing in common with a mainstream contributing Journalist ?..but the one I know vacums off his feet with a dust buster before he drives home…I live in a diffrent world that I try hard to construct and maintain…maybe one of these journalists might READ SWAYLOCKS.when they hear they have been picked up and syndicated on line…maybe we will know the guy that buys their car used,wow dickie is that lester chang’s old car…good deal clean car…I love the newspaper…my dad used to read it alot,it makes good mini drop cloths ,he did the crossword puzzle too…My wife talks back to it at the breakfast table…some times it means somthing is up…maybe some swalocker will read somthing to comment on …then maybe I can go and read the article…The format …I found the thread trading post fell by and swapped some pelts had some hard tack told a few listened to a few…found a good apple…bought some horehound and licorice to eat on the trail home…a visit to the trading post is a big part of a balanced day…that picture of Isabelle’s 10foot left at CAPE HATTERAS was the coolest but maybe that superman of DEETS at the wedge…I come to swaylocks not to read but to feed…I delivered the SAN FRANCISCO News -Call Bulletin when I got on the bus after my route downtown I read the comix…then I read Arthur Hoppe…the rest just went by…I like swaylocks time…I can talk and no one interupts my most obtuse thoughts …afterwards I can hear reactions…from the kindred ,insulted ,cryptic and inspired… long live swaylock I will scroll to get by the “news” to feed…praise paler…ambrose…Johnny Boy Akana died Yesterday …may he rest peacefully …had a heart attack in the shower after surfing Kalihiwai…Dennis told me this afternoon…an empty one from the cove easier to make in spirit form…

…Mauli Cook and Johnny Akana embody the aloha spirit today, ever mindful of those who came before them. Mauli (nee Christina, until her hula teacher got a hold of her) has lived in Hawaii for 21 years and teaches kids at a Hawaiian- language school when she’s not acting as historian cum hula dancer. Her husband, Johnny, is a tenth-generation Hawaiian who tends the family’s papaya farm when he’s not helping Mauli with her hula and chants. Together, they visit the Princeville Resort three times a week and teach the guests (or anyone else who cares to listen in) a bit of Hawaiian history sprinkled with folklore and dance. “I can’t believe that so much Hawaiian history is being ignored,” Mauli tells us. “It’s so important . If we don’t tell people about it, it will all be forgotten and that would be a terrible shame.” Mauli, who is Anglo yet fluent in Hawaiian, is passionate on this subject. Johnny is clearly smitten with his bride, who is as Kauaian as the papaya farmer himself… (excerpt from “Stories from the road, Kauai’n dreams”)

should we start bidding for who gets the first banner ad? http://www.surfboardglassing.com

I never read the news it never has anything interesting about surfing.

how’s that cave you live in, anyway? don’t forget, girls still have cooties so stay away from them (thought you might want to know cause it’s been in the papers lately).

Thank you.

OK I caved… but it’s because I agree that it just doesn’t look right. I prefer to see all of the topics right away, and when I don’t I feel a bit anxious. Banner ads?..well, yes Surflab – I have been thinking about banner ads. The data for Swaylock’s is starting to build up and, last month, for the first time, I exceeded my bandwidth limit. Each month it’s all getting more and more expensive. If I were to do ads I DO know that they would be surfing related, preferably surfboard related; NO pop ups ever; tastefully placed and limited. As I said, I’ve only been thinking about them, and anyone who’s been around here for a while knows I take a LONG time to bring something from concept to completion. Plus, hopefully I can come up with something less in your face that can bring in some revenue. Soon. Enjoy, mike

I knew it… Its ok business is business Mike anything thta helps pay the bills, Id even be interested in one. If your into it we can discuss it. http://www.surfboardglassing.com

I’d rather you pay the bills, get more bandwidth and do whatever it takes to keeep the forum. In case you don’t hear it too often, THANKS!