Wide board issue

Ive been riding a wide, 26", board made from the 10’3" Clark blank. The board is cut down to 8’5" and about 4" thick, twin fin, a biggg fish? It works well here in Texas surf and for me, at 56 the extra float and width means I get my share of the waves. But the problem is my hips, I can’t sit on the $#%thing anymore. I was wondering about the Swizzle shape, I can’t find any dimensions for them and do they really work?


Don’t know about your “snizzle” shape.

Why don’t you just sit on a narrower part of the board? You don’t have to sit in only one spot, you can sit on the nose or the tail, hopefully narrower than 26".

If not, your only choice is to attach a seat cushion to raise your lower end, so you hips to have to work so hard.

Heck, why not attach to poles sticking up 2’ each, an tie them together with a hammock?

26" is pretty darn wide for a sub-9 foot board. I have a 12’ 2" tandem board that same width and it makes my hips hurt if I sit on it too long – but then, it’s made to float two people. Next time I make one it will be narrower.

I’ve seen (but not ridden) the Swizzle and they aren’t pulled in all that much in the middle. Suggest you go with more length (maybe 9’6") and pull the wide point in to 23.5" or something in that area. Then hopefully your hips won’t hurt…

26 inches, why try to straddle it when you can just stand on it and look for waves on the horizion. Kind of like a tuna tower.