Wide carriage digital printer for laminates

Anyone own a wide carriage digital printer for printing lams and board art?


What model?


Media that prints the best?

And any general tips and advice for getting started.  Would like to get our factory set up to do this.



The company I work for is in the printing business.  We both have a print shop and sell the equipment.  I have all the toys at my disposal.  I have both water based and solvent wide format machines to play with.  We run an Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 and a Stylus Pro 9900 as our primary printers.  We also have an HP and an Oce’.


I will be doing some experimenting with media in the coming months.  The big roadblock I'm hitting is the media.  Not sure what will work and what won't.  Haven't found a source for rolls of rice paper.  If anyone knows of one let me know. 


I plan on experimenting with printing on paper backed silk as well.

We use Rice paper rolls with a backer. works pretty well. I do my rice paper and silks through the same deal.

The OG epson inks bleed, I had to use non-oem inks

Where do you get the rice paper media from???

Acgua-----  Didn't you have one for sale awhile back??

Lifetime supply of logos.



Yeah we sold one of our Designjets someone local bought it for lams as well.