Wide planer?

Is there any reason to own a wider planer? Any benefit in the width. I currently use a Hitachi and I'm always looking for a Skil 100 I can afford but I came across a 6 5/8" planer for a decent price. Is there any benefit for such a tool in my tool box?

It will remove more foam with less passes.

If you shape a lot of really big boards, and if the planer has the features that make it suitable for shaping (on the fly adjustment low on front shoe, handle and trigger placement, exhaust port location, etc.), then it might be useful.


I assume that you’re talking about the Makita 1806B.  This monster weighs almost 20 lbs, and it’s also 20" long.  If you have the arms to hold this thing and can safely control it, you’ll be skinning blanks very easily but not much else.  By comparison, a  Skil weighs about 10 lbs.



I have that planer and use it for the bottom to skin it and get my basic thickness. You are right about it being heavy. It is a relief to pic up my modified Bosch after using the Makita.