Wide-point aft singlefin midlengths

I’m thinking of doing a wide point back singlefin midlength around 7’ or 7’2" (think Lovelace v.Bowls or other wayne lynch inspired boards). Approximately how far back past center should i place the widepoint? 4-5 inches or more? Anyone here done any similar boards? Thanks!

I think there are better examples out there, but okay:


First one was a reshape of an egg I did a long time ago that finally died of delam.  I put the veneers on because by the time i shaped out the dealm the foam was soft.  I started out surfing it as a single but I now run it as a quad (mo’ bettah for me at this length)  6-0 x 20.5 x 2.5


I ended up doing one up as a dedicated quad for a friend of mine.  He uses it as his daily driver and swears by it.  Sorry for the wierd angle in this pic.  

6-6 x 20.5 x 2.65


I can’t seem to find a pic of my 7-0 in Quiver but I know I’ve posted it here before.  Too bad 'cause I really favor that one.  It’s a single.  I surf it with a big-ass flex fin.  


Gdaddy, show him pics, they are beautifull!!

Except for the s-deck my 7-0 is really similar to what you’re describing, although it is wider at both ends than Lovelace’s V.bowls template.    As I say, I’ve been keeping a singlefin midlength around for the last 10 years and this one has been my favorite.  YMMV

gdaddy - thanks, I will have to check out the surfresearch website for additional inspiration. beerfan - nice board. I’m going for something a little smaller and more pointbreak specific, though. personally not a fan of 2+1 setups, more of a singlefin purist on longer boards like this. applicable as I live in the land of right pointbreaks. I have ridden and shaped widepoint forward hulls a-la Liddle/Hilbers for awhile now, curious to see how a somewhat similar foil with the widepoint flipped surfs (more off the back foot, I suppose). I’m thinking generally low rocker, light hull entry - flat - slight vee or spiral v out the back. fin box pushed up a tad but not too far. slight s-deck with 50/50 eggish rails, not too blady though…the gears are turning in my head

I think it’s somewhat dependent on the curve and tail shape you’re using, the widths at the nose and tail and the amount of difference between them.  

On my 7-0 I used a slightly pinned round tail and the nose was ~1/2" narrower than my tail.  On that one the wide point was a bit less than 4" behind center.  (surfs awesome, BTW - my favorite midlength ever).  I’ve used that layout for a couple other boards (6-0 and 6-6) and I like the way they surf, too.    In the shorter lengths I prefer to run them as quads.  

I know that on the really piggy shapes in the longer lengths they’re putting the wide point from 6"-8" behind center with nose widths that are a lot narrower than the tail widths.  

I started out on this tangent by trying a some of Geoff McCoy’s design elements - some but not all.  Then as those worked out I spent some time going through the transition era boards cataloged on surresearch.com.au.    It’s interesting to see examples of those boards during that brief time period, particularly the boards from Australia. Some of the templates are really extreme, others look similar to the recent design trends.  


Numbers notwithstanding it’s all about the curves and distribution of volume.  Your eye don’t lie.  

Does it really need to be so far back?. I had a 7'10'' that was a bit more of a hybrid ( almost nugget in planshape, but not as extreme ), but still had a slightly wider tail than nose, and the widepoint was only slightly behind centre. It was a great board, 2+1, so i surfed it as a single fin, a 2+1, and a thruster. Went well with all those setups. Caught waves very easy too.



EDIT, here's a pic. Kinda wish i'd kept it now :(