wide tail noserider

I was out at 38th yesterday, and saw this guy riding asurfboard. This board was about 9’6" long, had a concave nose that was about 18"wide. I think it also had a S deck. The tail was what was not your normal a surfboard. This tail and I’m not talking 12" up I’m talking the tail block, it must have been 10 to 12 inchs wide, with a Rick UFO type tail. You know the tips were turned up, so if you looked at the board from the tail it would look like a U, it also had a lot of kick in the tail. The fin was right on the tail of the board. This guy was tareing it up, tip time from hell. Now I have seen this guy in the water before and he is a good surfer, but this board seemed to really work. What do your guys out there think? I this the next big nose rider?