Widepoint placement on a small wave shortboard


6’3 round tail quad (like a scaled up pod/biscuit is what we’re going for) for small waves (3-6ft)

Slightly less experienced surfer (IE wave catching is more of a priority than going vertical)

Surfer is about 6’3 155lbs and still growing

Dimensions = 6’3x21x a little less than 3 (keeping that thickness to the rails) 

We drew up an outline yesterday that took the nose of a Hobie fish and the tail off of a smaller round tailed board. This outline gives the board a lot of foam and keeps a nice parallel rail line through out the middle of the board which should increase planing speed, however, the widepoint is kinda far forward from my point of view. About 3-4 inches forward of center, almost giving the outline a shape similar to a seventies style single fin with a wider tail. So, my question comes down to this; what will the effect of a widepoint this far forward be, especially in waves without a ton of power? Is a widepoint 3-4 inches forward going to allow for snappy enough turns? Should we move it back to an inch or so forward of center?

(I realize the further back the widepoint goes the easier it will be to turn, but I’m trying to reconcile performance with keeping a good amount of foam under the chest)


Thanks for any and all replies, and if anyone has any luck turning up a good widepoint discussion, feel free to post it (I couldn’t seem to turn up anything useful via the search button).


for your thought pleasures:



-std shortboard: 2.5 down centre

-mini egg: centre

-fish: 4 up

-shortboard with hip: 2.5 or 3 depending for what the outline is intended for or the lenght of the board