widest point for7"0 single fin egg ?

Hello all


Just starting to get ready to shape a 7''0 single fin egg with smaller stabblisers .


As a novice shaper, I was unsure how far forward from the middle should be the widest point ?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Tell us what type of surf you plan to ride the board in, which blank you are using, the weight and skill level of the rider, etc.  I like my 7 ft. fun eggs at 20 - 22.5" wide with wide point 3" up from center.  I make my tails 15 -16.5' wide when I set them up with quad fins.  I use no hard edges on rails with the wide configuration.




Hello uncled

appreciate the tips.

The blank is 7"0 surfblanks Australia,superwhite, mini mal.

I weigh 100kg ,average ability

Would like to ride the board in coditions up to 5ft.

Cheers Ben