Wilderness Stubbies

When Bob and the rest of the Wilderness crew experimented and refined the Greenough edge bottom board, did they ever mix the edge with a pinched rail? Bob’s stubbies that I’ve seen these days have a blocky round rail. I had a chance to see one of Greenough’s original edge carbon fiber flexies that have a severely turned up rail going to neutral in the tail. Kirk, did the one PG made you have pinched rails or did he follow the Greenough version? The reason I’m asking is that Edge II is fermenting in my mind and I am thinking about possible changes from Edge I. Once I got the right fin and placement sorted out, I was stunned at how well it works as a rail turner AND as a more fin turning hull. It still spins if you are on the tail but I can crank very tight thruster-like arcs with my weight back or stand in the middle and draw hullish railers. I’m thinking I stumbled on something very, very good that the rest of you might want to check out. I’ve got to put a couple of inches in length to Edge II as well as a better job of foiling (Edge I paddles like crap). Bob, I’d love to hear your comments, as well as anyone else. Newbs PS: I’m bringing Edge I to Plaskett Creek so you fellow hullers can give it a spin…September 5th-7th. Get your reservations to John Mellor. Be there or be square!

pg edge has round rails, thin but not pinched.very true to the greenough style.i know cause i had that board for a bit-it ripped!I would probably still have it but i went longer(from 7 to mid 7’)

Matt, My bad…I keep getting you and Kirk confused…aren’t you both the same guy? [wink]

Hey don’t start that up. Hey Lee Matts right the PG has a rail like GG’s spoons but it was just adjusted for a stand up foam version.One point it does not have any sort of triplane 'just light hull after the edge back to flat like you did on yours.Hope your getting some surf .KP

Lee-it’s ok.KP wishes he could be me!!!

Matt, You dubbed a Greenough vid for me a while back and the other night I happened to fast forward it and found there was a Run man video on it and some video I think you took in Baja. THAT was totally classic, totally the essence of surfing… FD

oops-didn’t mean for the baja stuff to get copied.nonetheless, that was a fun trip.i nthink that was the one when we got nailed halfway in, at 1:30am, by hurricane Hester(the molester)she pulled a rare feat and blasted inland right over us that night/am.stranded on the road for 2 days until the h2o in the river subsided enough to cross.not knowing what to expect crowd and conditions wise-thinkin’ the worse, we were really surprised by how clean it was and that nobody was around-they had fair warnig of the chubasco and bailed!!!